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    Profile Editor - color temp accuracy required w/ a color checker chart?

      I've been using a set of Camera Calibration adjustments determined by Thomas Fors' script, like a lot of folks. I understand that I can continue to use the old profile for my cameras in LR 2.0, and the calibration settings I've already got will work fine with those profiles.

      If I were to move to the new beta DNG profiles, and wanted to normalize the profiles to my camera via the color chart option... how accurate do the illuminant color temperatures need to be in order to take advantage of a dual illuminant profile? I don't have a color meter, unfortunately. If I were to, say, illuminate a chart evenly using strobes (which are really closer to 5500-5800), and then use the modeling lights on the strobes (tungsten, but unsure of exact temp), is that going to be close enough into the ballpark to be usable?

      Another way of putting it, I guess, is how close to the specified illuminant temps is close enough? Is it hyper-critical, or is there some "fudgeability"???