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    DNG SDK vs Lightroom - difference(s) in TIFF output?

      Hi, I'm thinking about writing a batch program that uses the DNG SDK to create full-size JPEGs of images i've edited (by exporting to TIFF from the DNG SDK and then using imagemagick to convert to JPEG). I often forget to export the image after I've developed it in Lightroom, and it'd be handy to just batch process any DNG I've made changes to since import.

      If I save the develop metadata into a DNG from lightroom, how much (if any) of those development changes will the DNG SDK use when rendering a TIFF? Examples:

      - I typically make basic adjustments - exposure, recovery, highlights, contrast - will those be read automatically from the DNG?
      - If I embed one of the new color profiles into the DNG, will that be used when rendering?

      I'm guessing that the answer is a no, but I thought it was worth asking...