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    DNG Profile Editor is stubborn

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      I'm having amazing results getting just the colors I want with the Profile Editor. I can create a "look" and then use it whenever I want, like choosing a new film. But only sometimes.

      Other times, the Profile Editor simply refuses to work with me. Sometimes it says "Unable to check white balance using gray patches" and tells me to use the color circles and try again, but no amount of fussing with them will work. Other times it tells me there is a significant color cast and that I should re-shoot the chart.

      Well, yeah, the chart is off, but it's off on purpose. That's the whole point. I appreciate that it's trying to protect me from myself, since I'm about to create an inaccurate profile, but isn't there some way to tell it, "no, really, do it anyway"? Can such a thing be added?
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          The purpose of the Chart Wizard is to provide more or less colorimetrically accurate results and it does so by trying to match the image's color patches to standard reference values. If you want to introduce color distortions deliberately, don't use the CW. Instead, manually click on each patch in the image to create a color control point. Then perform your own color tweaks as desired.
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            I understand that the real purpose of the chart thingy is to do accurate calibration, but it would take a monumental effort to accomplish manually what the chart wizard can do in less than a second.

            I'm not trying to turn red into green or anything -- it refuses to work with even a slight color variation. This is less than helpful when trying to adjust for something weird (fix the colors that may be wrong due to lighting) in addition to trying to apply more "creative" effects. Again, no drastic "Photoshop" effects, just trying to go slightly "cooler" or "warmer" runs into a brick wall at a certain point.

            My colors are looking better than ever thanks to this software, it's just frustrating running into what seems to be an artificial limit on how far it can go.
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              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
              I'm not sure what your setup is. The main things Chart Wizard will complain about are non-neutrality of the gray patches, as well as significant overexposure or underexposure.

              If you're getting the message "Unable to check white balance using gray patches" then it means the PE was unable to perform a reliable click-WB on the 2nd gray patch in the bottom row.

              Is this a high-ISO image? Excessive noise can cause the white-balance check to fail.
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                That would be second-from-the-left gray patch? Because I can click-WB on it manually within Profile Editor just fine. (Though doing so makes no difference to the chart wizard, it will still throw the same error.)

                Not high-ISO images, no. Also not straight-from-camera images, though, but the same exact image processed so that the colors are more correct works with the chart wizard. (That is, photoshop the colors, save as a TIFF, turn into a DNG, load into Profile Editor.)
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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                  freelancer, try fiddling with the positions of the 4 colored markers in the Chart Wizard. Obviously you need to keep them over the 4 corner patches of the chart, but try repositioning them slightly (e.g., nudging them to the right). See if that gets the error to go away.

                  BTW, the DNG PE is really intended to be used with raw files, whereas what you're doing here is effectively importing rendered data into PE.
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                    yeah, I know I'm "abusing" it, but the results are amazing. Profound, really. I would actually understand more if it didn't work at all, but it works on some images just fine, so after getting a taste of what's possible and hitting a wall, it was frustrating.

                    The color-cast thing is a bit more bothersome, since it seems to defeat the entire purpose. Of course the gray patches aren't neutral; that's exactly what I'm trying to fix.

                    I'll play with the chart markers later on and see if that gets me anywhere. Thanks.
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                      freelancer 'd like to see some of your images obtained using your "off chart".
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                        Can somebody help me??? I have a problem to use DNG profile:
                        I am user of Fujifilm S5Pro, which has RAF file (=raw). The ACR (start from version 3...) and DNG understand my RAF files very well. But DNG profile editor dose not want to open it, even if Adobe DNG Converter 4.5 converts it to DNG file. My workflow is:
                        Launch Adobe DNG Converter.exe, => convert RAF to DNG (tryed different settings);
                        Launch DNG profile editor, => trying to open DNG file => have error???
                        May be I'm doing in a wrong way? Please advise me.
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                          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                          What exactly is the error that is being reported?