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    Using DNG profile editor

      If I have exported a profile from the DNG Profile Editor, will that profile automatically show up in the camera calibration panel of Lightroom 2.0 ? If it is not a very good profile, how do I then delete it? (computer is running Vista).
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          Yes, as long as

          (a) you exported the profile to the correct directory. By default, the Export dialog box in the DNG Profile Editor will save the profile in the correct directory, so as long as you didn't change it, you're fine.

          (b) you quit LR and re-launch it.

          Regarding deleting, two things you can do:

          (1) if you come up with a better profile later in PE, you can simply overwrite the earlier (inferior) one

          (2) if you want to delete it outright, visit this directory to delete it manually in vista:

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            areohbee Level 6

            MadManChan2000 wrote:


            (2) if you want to delete it outright, visit this directory to delete it manually...


            - Be aware that if you do this, all of the photos that were using the deleted profile will revert to "something else". i.e. the profiles are not embedded in the images. Theoretically they could be, but they aren't - somebody please correct me if I didn't say that quite right.


            It may be more correct to say that although all the profile information is still in the DNG image file, Lightroom can not access it from there, and neither can the DNG Profile editor.


            You could however use dcpTool to reformulate a useable profile from the info that is embedded in the DNG image file, if you wanted.


            I'm a bit out on a limb here, so please don't hold me to all of this, exactly.




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