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    DNG codec installer should allow 32-bit codec on Vista x64; installation on XP

      Pending a 64-bit codec, it would be nice if the 32-bit DNG codec installer allowed installation on Vista x64. 32-bit apps running under WOW64 (e.g. Windows Live Photo Gallery) could then use the codec. All the camera manufacturers shipping 32-bit WIC codecs allow installation on x64 (but don't necessarily call it 'Supported', since you're not getting Explorer integration).

      This should be a no-op aside from tweaking the installation-allowed logic... MSI automatically redirects 32-bit components' HKCR registrations into the 32-bit view (Wow6432Node) on an x64 OS.

      On a related note, if/when a 64-bit codec is released, its installer should install & register the 32-bit codec as well. Again so that 32-bit apps running under WOW64 aren't left out.

      Finally, allowing installation on XP is desirable... WIC and WLPG are shipped & supported for XP.