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    Which one do you prefer?

      The profile that is automatically profiled with X-Rite 24 Colorchecker chart, or any of your camera vendor's? What I have learned after reading a couple of books, and searching through several internet forums is that I need the colorchecker chart to calibrate MY OWN camera. I just want to make sure that it will give me better result than my Nikon D300 camera profiles before I spend $75.00. Has anyone compared the results?
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          I guess the first question to consider is whether you're happy with the current profiles or not.
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            Hi Eric, I don't have any problem with Nikon's profiles but I have no idea how much better result the colorchecker will introduce. I just want to hear what others think about this.
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              Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

              It depends on your particular camera unit.

              In the case of my Pentax *istD, the Adobe Camera Raw team provided me with a spot-on profile the very first time. There may well be other *istD owners with units that did benefit from individual calibration. It just depends on each unit.

              I don't know what you mean by profiles from "any of your camera vendor's". Camera manufacturers do not provide camera profiles --other than the ones built into their own software, but those cannot be used by ACR.
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                Thanks for your comment, Ramon.

                I thought Camera manufacturers finally decided to open up their encrypted color profiles so that Adobe could have them in ACR. Was I wrong? Was it Adobe who made all the camera profiles like Nikon's Vivid, Neutral, Canon's Faithful, and so on, accessible in ACR? That's a really outstanding job.

                The default ACR 4.4, Adobe Standard color profiles for my own D300 have too strong red so I'm now using Nikon's Picture Control Profiles in ACR.

                They give my raw images nice color(more than reality) which was made by the professionals in Nikon whose job is making color profiles. They just look better than what I made (without colorchecker) by adjusting HSL panel based on ACR 4.4 profile, as an amateur photographer.

                But, they not only have exact same color of Nikon Picture Controls, but also their problems. For example, the transition between clipped highlight and midtone is posterized. And moving recovery slider to the right shifts the color significantly. Of course, default ACR 4.4 profile doesn't have these problems.

                I'm trying to escape from those problems by calibrating my D300 and building my own profile. I already ordered it. :)
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                  MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                  No, the color transforms & profiles provided by Canon and Nikon are not open. They are not encrypted, either, but they're neither open nor documented.

                  Yes, it is Adobe who made all of its "Camera Matching" (a.k.a. "emulation") profiles for these cameras, from scratch. Thanks for expressing your appreciation.

                  Yes, there are some problems currently with the "beta 1" profiles regarding highlight transitions with some of these profiles, including the D300. The good news is that this will be fixed in the next update of the profiles.

                  Please note that if you order a ColorChecker and use that to build your own custom profile with DNG Profile Editor using the Chart Wizard feature, it will not build a profile that resembles anything like most of the Nikon Picture Controls. This is because the Picture Controls are not designed with colorimetric accuracy in mind, whereas the Chart Wizard in DNG Profile Editor does.
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                    Eric, I'm going to use the colorchecker as a starting point. After I build my custom profile with DNG profile editor, I'm going to move those HSL or Calibrate panel sliders until I get the color I wanted. I know that there is a gap between technically accurate color and visually pleasing color.

                    Also, I want to have a universal color profile whatever camera I use. Once I get used to Nikon's profiles and Canon releases a noise-free-at-ISO-25600 camera, I can't switch to Canon without difficulty moving to Canon's color profiles. With a Colorchecker and ACR, I guess all I have to do is to build a profile with DNG profile editor for the Canon camera and adjust sliders in the way I used to do with a Nikon. Well, I still need to get adjusted to Canon camera and lens system, but with less effort. Am I right?

                    By the way, the Camera Matching profiles for Nikon D300 is better than those of Nikon's own. In particular, I like Adobe's a little bit more saturated shadows.
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                      MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                      Yes, the DNG PE should help you get similar color response across different cameras, within the technical limits of what's possible given different sensors' spectral responses.
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                        I have the D300 and use the beta profiles. Is it possible to get the improved profiles or are you going to release the final product in the near future?
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                          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                          Sverre, updated profiles should be available soon. The wait will not be too long.
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                            Eric, Thank you so much for your quick and very service minded replies her in this forum. I think you do a fantastic job both in improving the product and improving the dialog between users and Adobe!