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    Profiles and porsches

    hillrg Level 2
      I have a specific colour that I cannot reproduce using the profile editor: porsche guard red, which has tantilizing tints of orange and bright red. I am not sure if the fault is with my camera (D2X), the profile editor, the user (me) or the gamut of my monitors, which are colour calibrated. BTW, I cannot get the colour right using NX or Bibble either, which makes me think the problem might be the monitor gamut.

      Anyway, I'm sure there are lots of guard red porsches in California. If a loyal adobe engineer just happened upon one and snapped a photo, I would love to see if they can reproduce this colour.

      Equipment used:
      D2X, grey card, WB corrected
      LR, CS3, Profile editor
      Dell 24/30" LCD monitors