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    DNG OriginalRawFileData tag data encoding not clear in DNG specification...

      Hi all,<br /><br />I'm working on a DNG writer for Linux using DNG sdk. Currently i try to add a new option to embed original RAW file data in dedicated tag OriginalRawFileData.<br /><br />Reading DNG specification (page 40 & 41) about this subject do not help me very well, especially how to encode all data in this tag exactly. These words:<br /><br />//------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------<br />" Each fork (data or Mac OS resource) is compressed and encoded as:<br />   ForkLength = first four bytes. This is the uncompressed length of this fork. If this value is<br />   zero, then no more data is stored for this fork.<br /><br />From ForkLength, compute the number of 64K compression blocks used for this data (the last<br />block is usually smaller than 64K):<br />    ForkBlocks = Floor ((ForkLength + 65535) / 65536)<br /><br />The next (ForkBlocks + 1) 4-byte values are an index into the compressed data. The first<br />ForkBlock values are offsets from the start of the data for this fork to the start of the<br />compressed data for the corresponding compression block. The last value is an offset from the<br />start of the data for this fork to the end of the data for this fork.<br /><br />Following this index is the ZIP compressed data for each 64K compression block. "<br />//------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------<br /><br />.. are clearly unreadable for me, and i'm not alone in this case. A draft is missing in this spec to explain exactly how are encoded data and in which order. Why not to add a data layout like in PNG specification from  W3C:<br /><br />http://www.w3.org/TR/PNG/#5Chunk-layout<br /><br />Another question is about dng_negative::SetOriginalRawFileData(AutoPtr<dng_memory_block> &data). <br />What i must set with data block exactly ? All original raw file data compressed by zlib as well ?<br /><br />Thanks in advance for your help<br /><br />Gilles Caulier
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          Gilles, each data block is encoded in the order specified in the spec on that same page (see items 1 through 8 ). If a specific fork doesn't exist, then it's encoded simply as a zero-length fork. Every fork is zip compressed (actually a set of 64k blocks).

          As for the dng_negative::SetOriginalRawFileData () method, this is basically a set routine. You are basically passing the entire block of compressed original raw data as described for the OriginalRawFileData tag. See dng_negative::Parse () in dng_negative.cpp for an example of it in use.