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    Movie Clip link to Popup Browser Window

      This is so stupid, I'm embarrassed to post it.
      I am editing a .fla file that I did not write. The navigation system uses movie clips acting as buttons that jump during a mouse over, and go to an external URL when onclick.

      This works fine, except it loads in the parent window.
      Ideally, I would like the window to open as a popup that I could control the functions of (size, placement....etc.).
      At this point, I cant seem to even get it open in a (_blank) window without killing the mouse over "Jump" so I guess I'm really back at square one.

      I know I'm missing something very simple here, but what are my options when using the lnk = "URL" command in the action script?

      I've tried every variation I could think of but the closest I've come is getting the file to open in a new window, but then the parent goes to a 404 error with "undefined" completing the URL in the address bar.

      Thanks for any help

      Here is the current action script that is used: