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    Lost colour data in DNG

      I converted my Canon CR2 files to Adobe DNG (uncompressed) & then checked the greyscale conversion box to convert to B&W. These images were then burnt to DVD. I have just reopened them to finish the job only to find they are now greyscale with no colour information retained. What has happened?? This is NOT the archival format I was lead to believe. I have done similar on many images & there is always the option to restore the colour data!
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          I have managed to restore the data using Bridge >Develop Settings >Clear Settings but I still don't understand why ACR had lost the restore option?
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            >This is NOT the archival format I was lead to believe.

            Perhaps if did not falsely state that your problem is caused by an evil conspiracy on the part of Adobe, other readers of these forums might be more likely to help you. Starting a thread that way makes you appear to be a nut job...

            I'm going give you the benefit of the doubt, and actually try to answer your question.

            The actual answer is to turn off the "Convert to Grayscale" checkbox in the Camera Raw API. This at the top HSL/Grayscale panel in the full Photoshop version of Camera Raw.

            In the Elements version of Camera Raw, which does not have a UI to control conversion to grayscale, you should pick "Clear Imported Settings" from the settings flyout menu.