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    New D300 firmware changed a lot

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      Hi Eric,

      In the DPReview forum a lot of users report a change in skin tones and exposure etc. after installing the 1.10 firmware. May be it's a good idea to check this should affect your profiles for that camera before the final release?
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          If it's just metering & exposure, then it's nothing to worry about because the Exposure slider in CR can be used to compensate.

          I am fairly certain the firmware update shouldn't have any impact on the raw data for color, unless somehow the firmware update is able to change the spectral characteristics of the sensor, which would be highly amazing ...

          That said if anybody has controlled before/after tests of a single scene, I'd be happy to take a look.
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            Yammer Level 4
            The 1.10 firmware made a big change to the automatic white balance on my camera. Before, some photos tended to appear too cold, but now they are much closer to the perceived colour. Having said that, I also find that the tint now tends to be a little too magenta. Maybe this is what people are seeing in skin tones - the 'as shot' settings are different.