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    DNG Profile Editor Tone Curve

      I was trying to see how useful PE might be in modifying the tone curve at the 255,255 end to fix some nearly overexposed areas but it was not all that successful.

      It seemed to me that this was because the tone curve is expressed in 8 bit data and it purposely does not allow control points above 251 which makes it more or less useless for that purpose.

      Some kind of expanded scale in the neighbourhood of 255,255 would be useful. The object is to modify the slope and curvature in that range without greatly effecting the major part of the curve.

      Yes one can put a control point at (251, 140) for example but there is nearly no control of the curvature or anything else for that matter.

      The kind of thing I was thinking of was an almost straight line from 0,0 to 220, 160 (for example) then some fine control between that and 255,255.
      (for a tone curve based on camera raw default)