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    Analog Balance

      To your knowledge, there are camera with analog white balance?

      Anyway, how DNG tag AnalogBalance is supposed to be populated?

      Thank you.

      Mauro Boscarol
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          Usually you can just not include the tag if you are using the default values (1.0, 1.0, ...).

          The Nikon D1 used digital white balance on the raw data before saving it in the file, so it needs to use non-default values for this tag.

          I think Better Light scanning backs may have real analog balance in hardware.
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            boscarol Level 1
            Thank you, Thomas.

            BTW, I read in this web page


            that Nikon D2X has a sort of analog balance:

            "To minimize such gaps in gradation, the D2X introduces our unconventional approach of analog adjustment for white balance in the first stage of signal processing."

            What you think about this? Is this AnalogBalance as meant DNG?

            Thank you.

            Mauro Boscarol
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              Thomas Knoll Level 2
              The D2X does not actually adjust the analog gain based on white balance (raw files have exactly the same relative channel values no matter what you set the camera white balance to).