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    Installing a DNG Editor-created profile

      I'm a newcomer here so please forgive me for asking a simple and perhaps foolish question.

      I'm a self-taught amateur with no special knowledge. I take RAW files in camera, before using the DNG converter. I calibrate monitor and printer as best I can to help me manage color and I'm delighted to have the DNG Editor to allow me to start refining and tweaking the stage from camera to PC.

      I've no problems with downloading and installation of the Editor, or with photographing a MacBeth Colorchecker and using it to create the Color Table. I've saved the Recipe for further tweaking and the Profile has automatically been exported to the appropriate place.

      (...\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles - as I use XP).

      Now I get into trouble.

      Adobe Labs excellent documentation, books like Adobe's 'Classroom in a Book' and other internet sources of advice all say things like:

      'The camera profiles are ready to be installed and used' or 'You can install this profile into the CameraProfiles directory and it will be ready for use' but do not explain the process further.

      What does installation consist of and how do I go about it?