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    Lightroom reversion to Beta and not loading after installing profiles

      I have had a hellish time dealing with the new profiles and profile editor. After installation, Lightroom, upon opening gives me the following message:
      This beta version has expired.(Excuse me, but bought and paid for)
      Yikes! What the heck? I spent two hours uninstalling and reinstalling. Simply reinstalling 2.1 did not work. I had to uninstall everything, clear the registries,(Thank goodness for Tune Up Utilities) reinstall 2.0, then install 2.1. I have had to delete the profile editor, which worked fine before.
      I thought this might be a limited issue, and then it happened on my laptop as well. Who has time to edit photos when you spend hours dealing with software problems?
      Pease have something to help people address this issue, because Adobe will not deal with testing issues..then why use us as guinea pigs? I certainly lost wages as a result of this. Thanks.