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    ColorMatrix or ForwardMatrix?

    boscarol Level 1
      In a DNG file there are two ColorMatrix (XYZD50 to nonbalanced linear) and two ForwardMatrix (balanced linear to XYZD50).

      The two sets of matrices are alternative: with ColorMatrix can be implemented an algorithm A and with ForwardMatrix can be implemented another algorithm B.

      My question: in Camera Raw, on what basis it is decided to use A or B (i.e. to use ColorMatrix or ForwardMatrix)?

      Thank you.

      Mauro Boscarol
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          Mauro, Camera Raw and Lightroom use forward matrices whenever they are available in a profile (i.e., the 2nd camera-to-XYZ method described in the DNG 1.2 spec). If forward matrices are not available (e.g., profiles named "ACR 4.3" or earlier) then CR and LR use the 1st camera-to-XYZ method, using the ColorMatrix instead.

          Note that ColorMatrix (not forward matrix) is always used for associating camera neutral values to white points. The forward matrices aren't suitable for this since they already have a chromatic adaptation matrix built-in.
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            boscarol Level 1
            Thank you, Eric!