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    WB colour temperature

      I am calibrating my Pentax 10D with your raw dng profile editor.
      I shot two DNG images of CC one in direct sun and the other with tungsten filament lamps.

      Checking with camera raw (4.6-CS3) the color temp of white patches were 5350 and 2600. So far so good. To me these seem ok.

      On opening with DNG profile editor and setting colour balance the values obtained were 6950 and 4000. Hmpf

      I continued to make profile and exported profile for use in lightroom (2.2)

      Using new profile and "as shot" pictures appears colour balanced.
      If I change to another profile say adobe standard or other also using "as shot" the pictures remains colour balanced but the colour temp reduces by around 150K. the same difference as found above.

      Basically my new profile raises the indicated WB temp conciderably.

      Can someone help here, surely the "as shot" should be independent of profile?