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    What MIME type to use for DNG?

      Is there an 'official' MIME type to use for DNG? I've seen image/x-adobe-dng used, also image/tiff, and sometimes image/x-dcraw. I'd like to know so that I can characterize DNGs correctly for format identification software we are writing. I don't believe the MIME type is specified in the DNG spec. Thanks.
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          I think this is clear

          image/x-adobe-dng = DNG

          image/tiff = for tiff images. I know that Phase One gives there RAW images .tif at the end but tiff sould be a real image.

          image/x-dcraw = for other camera raw files like CRW/CR2 of Canon, NEF of Nikon....

          I would suggest to use the "image/x-adobe-dng" for DNG files.