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    Hue twists and correcting for metamerism editing ccChart Wizard profile "?'s"

    Tim Lookingbill Level 1
      Since this is loaded topic I'll organize my questions thusly:

      1. Are hue twists that are incorporated within new Adobe created camera profiles with some camera models that alter hues when darkening or adding contrast edits within ACR or Lightroom also incorporated within PE generated custom recipe profiles or ccChart Wizard generated profiles?

      2. When generating a ccChart Wizard generated profile in an attempt for accuracy over pleasing colors, is it wise or useful to edit this profile in DNG PE to compensate objects that produce metamerism to my camera? For instance some polyfiber knit fabrics I've captured give off a red hue that ccChart Wizard profile won't correct for. If I selectively edit this off colored object within DNG PE, will it produce a profile/recipe that will subsequently mess up other colors in future scene captures that don't inject this metamerism?