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    DNG converter beta and Olympus E30

      I have just purchased an E30. I still have Photoshop CS3 so have to use the DNG converter to read my RAW ORF files. I have encountered a problem with loss of sharpness (for want of a better description).

      When I shoot I have been saving in RAW + JPG. I noticed a difference in bridge by comparing the DNG file & the JPG file a sail boat. I was comparing the spreaders & stay wires with the magnifier. In the JPG they were nice and sharp while in the DNG they were very pixilated.

      To prove what was causing the problem I used Olympus Master 2 to read the RAW files and found the RAW image to be fine.
      To me this meant the I must have a problem with the way DNG is converting or I am using it incorrectly.
      I was also imbedding the original RAW file in preferences.

      Can anyone help me with this problem?

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          This is not a DNG Converter issue. This is a difference in the sharpness of the default renderings provided by the Olympus software vs the Adobe software. If you want your images to be sharper from Camera Raw, visit the Detail tab and adjust the sharpening settings. And here's an article with some info to help you with that, in case you're new to sharpening in Camera Raw: