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    Get an Error window, The source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files

      I am using CS2 and it would not open up my latest RAW files, I was getting a warning Could not complete your request because it is not the right kinds of document. So, I checked the Camera Raw Plug-in and it says Version 3.7. I see that my camera an Olympus E-20 is supported. But it is not opening the Raw files, the day before I took jpeg and they have opened. I will not trash my Adobe Photoshop CS2 because it was a royal pain to install and I don't know where the CD is.
      I installed the latest DNG Converter and when I try to open up the folder which has all the RAW images that didn't open in Adobe, I still get an Error window that says, "The source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files." Why? It says it supports my Olympus E-20. I actually have the E-20n, I don't think that is the problem. My RAW icons usually show up as small image thumbnails and this time they are gray icons only with the incorrect date under the icon. Is there another product I can use without spending money? These images I took in RAW were special and I don't want to lose them. Please help!