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    DNG Conversion With Photoshop Elements 5...How?

      I've done a forum search before I asked these questions.

      Basically I have 2 questions that could belong here or in the PSE forum. Sorry if I chose the wrong one.

      1. I already have a lot of Canon CR2 files in my organizer saved in MANY folders. How do I use the DNG Converter to convert these files without losing the current organization/tagging that I already have. With Adobe really wanting DNG to be successful, it's too bad that they haven't added an easy "button" to convert them all right from with in PSE.

      2. What is my EASY (it has to be near invisible for my wife) workflow for converting to DNG while I'm importing them into PSE from my CF Card?

      The DNG department needs to get together with the PSE department and make this happen. It would help speed up the acceptance of DNG.

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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          The easiest way to convert your raw files to DNG files is to use the DNG converter that is available from Adobe. It is packaged with Adobe Camera Raw. It is a separate program that runs independently of either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, or any other image editing software. It is a stand-alone program that is available for both the Mac and the PC. You can save individual raw files as DNG files from within Camera Raw. But if you want to save a large batch of images the DNG converter is your logical choice. Of course all of this is assuming that your camera is supported by Camera Raw.

          If this is for your wife, and your message suggests that she might not be as savvy about this as others might be, why are you working with DNG? In fact, why is she shooting raw images? They require considerable postprocessing. Is this something that you think your wife is interested in?
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            I have the same problem. Using the DNG converter is fine for making the CR2 files into DNG, but you lose all of your tags and captions associated. I have tried to "write tags and property info to files" and the captions still do not show up in the DNG files.

            Adobe should also make a way for a mass migration of RAW files to DNG where it makes a version set out of the RAW and the DNG. Otherwise you end up with a duplicate in the library of every image.

            If anyone has a way to do the mass migration and still maintain your tags and captions please post it.

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              I have also been trolling the net for a solution to converting all existing RAW files in the catalog to DNG... but Frank's unanswered question above is the only reference I've found.

              I know that in Lightroom you have an option to convert all existing RAWs to DNGs - but I can find no solution for Elements 6.0.

              Can anyone help?