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    DNG 4.2 and Canon G9 raw CR2 problem

      I have been unsuccesful getting the 4.2 DNG to convert the CR2 Canon G9 files, getting an error message that the file type is not supported. Running Windows XP Home. Any ideas as to how I can fix this. Thanks, Jeff
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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
          How do you try to run the DNG converter. Aren't you supposed to use the Converter on a folder of raw images?
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            For information, I tried to help Jeff in DPReview:

            I couldn't solve his problem! I'm baffled.
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              Hi, Running it as you and Barry said. It will open a folder of Minolta ,mrw raw images, not the CR2 G9's. Uggghhhhhhhhhh! Jeff
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                Thomas Knoll Level 2
                1. Are DNG files being generated and you cannot open them, or are no DNG files being generated at all?

                2. Can you open AND process the G9 raw files using Canon's software?
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                  Hi Thomas, I can open the CR2 files in Canon's Zoombrowser (feh!) and also in PS Elements 5.0 with the 4,2 ACR plug-in. DNG states that the folder files are not supported raw files, and therefore will not convert them.

                  Now, this maybe somewhat moot as of this afternoon with the PS Elements 5.0 working ( just bought it) and I now have the ability to process G9 raw files. Jeff
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                    I just helped my friend with the Canon G9 Raw file won't open and recognized on Mac Computer.

                    Problem when try to open or drag the Raw image (*.CR2 File), I got an error message says the file type is either not supported or corrupted, also the file in the browser are all grayed out, means can't click & select & open. So I re-install the software just to make sure the software is fine.

                    The software comes with the camera is easy to install, here is the thing I was stumbled but figured it out.

                    1. Use browser to find the raw file.
                    2. click to select the file
                    3. go to Menu Bar under "File" there is a section you'll see "Process Raw File" or something like that, then you are done, from there you can edit and open a Raw file.

                    My impression towards to the raw image quality and canon software: The software interface is not as nice compare to PS Element 4 Raw Plug-in, especially there is not button for "Processing Raw" on the browser window that you have to go to File >.. , I hope this is just for Mac users or I have to say the software is silly.
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                      Is there a way to use the Canon G9 raw files with PS Elements 5.0.2? I tried to use the Adobe C8BI Camera Raw file with the Photoshop Elements 5.0 to open raw files using Windows... I did as above, found the file via PS Elements, selected the file and clicked open then I get the nasty gram that says no way Jose each time What am I missing? At home I have a Mac and my Adobe Raw Plug In pops up when you drop the picture in. This plug in appears over top of PS CS3 on my screen. I do not see any new program over top of PSE 5. Any suggestions?