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    DNG is now Photoshop CS file and not visible in the File Browser

      Previously converted DNG files has a DNG file icon and in the info window reads as Digital Negative file type. I recently converted some RAW files to DNG and the read as Photoshop CS files in the info window and they do not have the DNG icon, just a blank generic file icon.

      MAC OS 10.3.9
      Adobe DNG Converter 4.2
      File types are both canon 10D and canon 40D. No difference as far as the above described behavior.

      I can not see any DGN files ever converted in the Photoshop CS File Browser.
      Only Canon 10D RAW files are visible in the File browser and appear in the RAW converter when double clicked. NO Canon 40D RAW .CR2 files are visible.

      What upgrade do I need to make this work?
      How can I access the DNG files?
      Why are DNG converted files now showing up as Photoshop CS files with a generic icon?