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    DNG  Vista

      Is there anyway to read DNG thumbnails in Windows Vista yet?

      All the best for 2008

      Sid Frisby
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          Howdy Sid.

          There are one or two other threads on this very question - I've been wondering the same thing for almost a year, and unfortunately it appears that the answer is "No". It is clearly not a priority for Adobe, which is quite a shame as the DNG format has many other benefits and would otherwise be my first archival choice at the moment.

          There is a commercial plugin under development - check out http://www.ardfry.com/dng-codec/Download.htm. There is a free trial available for download; worked well for me but it's expired now. Its only shortcoming seemed to be limited metadata viewing.
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            How about ArcSoft's RAW Thumbnail Viewer(http://www.arcsoft.com/products/rawviewer)? It's free and I've read it works also with Vista...