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    Bug - Tethered image conversion to DNG in LR

    bfotog Level 1
      Hi there

      I am rather annoyed at this, so exuse the tone.

      I shot my first studio session yesterday, tethered. I took 1150 images and LR had no problems at all in handling the load as they were imported from the watched folder.

      As discussed in a previous post, files from a tethered shoot are imported as there native RAW file, in my case CR2's.

      The problem arrose when i got home and went to convert all of them to DNG.
      LR got about 1 hour and 360 images into the process and refused to convert any more. "Lr was unable to convert this file to DNG"
      790 images
      No matter what i tried it failed to convert any further images. I rendered all standard previews. I optimised, nothing.
      It was not the CF cards, as the point where it stopped was 1/2 way through the 2nd of 4 cards
      Luckily, i made sure before the shoot to tick the box in my EOS capture not to delete files from card during capture/import.

      In the end i had to import all the images that were not converted initially from my CF cards.

      All up this process took me 4 hours, where instead i should have been working on developing some images to show to the client this morning.

      This should not have happened.