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    Failure to convert CR2 to DNG

      I am not able to convert my CR2 files to DNG.

      DNG converter is saying there is an error parsing the files.

      what does this mean?
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          Either you are running too old a version of the DNG Converter that does not support your raw files, or the raw files are corrupted.
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            hi tom

            i've installed the latest versions of dng converter and camera raw on my new Mac Pro.

            this issue was occuring before on my MBP with files from my 40D.
            now it's occuring with files from BOTH my 40D and 1DMk3.

            so it's very mysterious now

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              Thomas Knoll Level 2
              What do you think is the latest version of the DNG Converter? (correct answer is 4.3.1)
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                I am struggling with a similar 40D problem, I tried to dwnld the DNG 4.1, it shows up but so does the original ACR 3.7. Now I cannot open either 30D format files , or the 40D format, Can you help me get rid of the DNG 4.1 so I can start over?

                Walt Thomas
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                  JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                  The latest version of the DNG converter is version 4.3.1. To get rid of your 4.1 version, highlight the executable and press the delete key. It is a separate, stand-alone, unrelated executable program, with no registry keys. I think you have to have the latest version of the DNG converter to handle the images from your camera. After you create those DNG images, they can be opened with any version of ACR clear back to version 2.4.
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                    Thanks, but delete key did not work. About plug ins > dropdwd reveals
                    two camera raw listed, 1st is 3.7(orig.), the 2nd is 4.1 the one I managed to dwnld and wish to delete. When I hightlite the 4.1 or the 3.7
                    a "dialog box" appears showing Plug-In, 4.1 version. When I click on the deletekey nothing happens. When I rt. or lf click in the Plug-in image, 4.1, it simply disappears.
                    Ultimately what I want to do is to be able to open camera raw images of file that come from my Canon 30D (previously no problem using 3.7, and my Canon 40D, which as you know is a different file format.
                    I'm pretty much "illiterate" when it comes to detailed work resolving such issues,but would appreciate if you would try to kick-start me.
                    If I have to I'll simply upgrade from CS@ to Cs3, but that to will be a challenge for me.
                    Some how I managed to sget that 4.1 version in that Plug-in list and I'm thinking I woud just like to get back to where I was without messing something else up and then start allover!
                    Guess you heard all this before.
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                      JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                      You asked how to get rid of the DNG converter. It is not a plug-in. It does not run inside of Photoshop. It is an independent, freestanding, executable program that runs whether or not Photoshop is installed on your computer.

                      It would appear that you are using Photoshop CS2. If that is the case then ACR 3.7 is the last and final version that you will be able to use. All of the 4.x versions of ACR are for Photoshop CS3, and they will not work with older versions. You will have to go to the folder where the plug-ins are located and delete the newer version. You will not be able to do this from within Photoshop. You will have to browse to find the appropriate folder and then delete the ACR plug-in that has the most current date.

                      If you are on a Windows machine, using Windows XP, here is the path to the plug-in:
                      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS2\File Formats

                      That is where you will have to look in order to get rid of the newer version. ACR will never work when there are more than one version of the plug-in in that folder. The newer one must be deleted. You have no use for it with Photoshop CS2. Of course Windows will not allow you to have two files of the same name in the same folder. So it sounds as if you have one of the versions in another subfolder within the Adobe folder structure. Even having another version located there will render ACR as unusable. In that case you will have use the search function to locate both versions, and then delete the newer one.

                      Regarding the DNG converter, you can always use the most recent version of that converter to create Digital negative copies of your raw images. Those Digital negative copies can be opened with any version of ACR from version 2.4 onward.
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                        Okay Jim, Thanks for the feedback, that's pretty much exactly where I am!
                        I'll try following your instruction (thanks) and see how I can do.
                        Appreciate your prompt response
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                          To: Jim Hess
                          From: Walt Thomas
                          If you hadn't sent me this little helper I doubt I would have found what I needed!!
                          If you are on a Windows machine, using Windows XP, here is the path to the plug-in:
                          C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS2\File Formats
                          It probably took me 2Hrs., I tried clicked on so many things I have no idea how I finally found what i needed, Thanks again.

                          If you care to comment, my next challenge is to decide whether to simply (Ihope) upgrade to CS3 to accomadate the Canon 40D format and my 30D, or is there a better option I should consider??
                          Previously, with just the 30D I simply dwnld'd my CF to my Windows PC and my ACDSee sftwr. acquired the images, then I just opened CS2/Bridge and I could view my images in camera raw. This kept life simple for me.
                          Sounds like DNG is simple, but it also sounds like I have to drag image file from one place to another and while the DNG fits more formats, am I going to have to jump thru a lot of hoops??
                          Currently I'm using Canon's sftwr. to acquire the 40D images from my CF, but I don't care for Canon's camera raw.
                          If you are able to comment fine, if not that's okay too, you helped me out a lot already.
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                            JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                            I suppose it is a matter of what you become accustomed to doing. I have a shortcut to my CF card on my desktop. All I do is double click on that shortcut, highlight all of the raw files and drag them to the DNG converter. Then I specify the folder on my hard drive where I want the DNG files to be saved. That's all there is to it. Sometimes, when the images are more important to me, I will save the original raw images to a DVD. But a lot of the time I don't even keep them. But then, that is the way I have chosen to work.

                            There are more reasons to upgrade to Photoshop CS3 besides just getting support for a new camera. ACR in Photoshop CS3 has been significantly enhanced. There are a number of new controls. But in order to get all of the changes it will be necessary for you to download the latest version of ACR. New controls for added in ACR 4.1. And then the cameras are continually added. It is a good idea to check for updates often to make sure you have the latest.

                            Another alternative that you might want to consider is Lightroom. This Adobe product has all of the same controls that ACR 4.x has, as well as some other nice features. A lot of people prefer using Lightroom. On initial purchase, it is quite a bit less costly than Photoshop, but would probably cost you more than it would cost to upgrade to Photoshop CS3. I prefer Photoshop. But there are trial versions of both programs that you can download and try for 30 days to see what you think.

                            In the meantime, my suggestion would be for you to try the DNG converter. You can start working on your raw images immediately. There really aren't that many hoops to jump through. At least give it a try. You will still have your original raw images and you can at least evaluate the workflow. The DNG converter is usually packaged with the latest version of ACR. All you have to do is copy the DNG converter to your desktop and just forget about the rest. Try a conversion and try opening them with what you have just to see if it works. But I can tell you that once you have an opportunity to use CS3/ACR you will feel extremely restricted when you have to revert back to CS2 for some reason.

                            Just one last thought. Some have expected they can save money by purchasing Photoshop Elements because it uses ACR. But many of the new controls are not available in Photoshop Elements even though it uses the very same plug-in.
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                              Jim - thanks for the good input/reply. I actually was going to try the DNG because it sounded like the best solution,as you have suggested.
                              That's when I ended up trying to dwnld. ACR 4.1, after which, you rescued me.
                              I'll try coping the DNG to my Desktop, but I'm not sure I know how to do that, should I just try to dwnld. the DNG sftwr. and tell it to Dwnld to my desktop?

                              Thanks again for your help.
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                                JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                                No, not quite. Click on the link at the bottom of this message. It will take you to the download page. Click on the download button, and it will download a zip file to your computer. When the download is complete, double-click on the zip file. It will open and you will be able to see both the DNG converter and the Camera Raw 4.3.1 plug-in (Camera Raw.8bi). All you have to do is click on the DNG converter and drag it from the zip file window to your desktop. Don't worry about the Camera Raw plug-in because it won't work on your system. After you have copied the converter, just close the zip file.

                                Now, all you have to do is locate some of your raw images, highlight one or all of them (whichever you prefer), and drag them onto the DNG converter icon. This will launch the DNG converter. Don't worry about any of the settings other than to specify a folder where you want the DNG files created. After you have specified the folder, just click on the Convert button. Everything else will be taken care of for you. When the conversion process is done close the DNG converter and then start using Photoshop/ACR normally.

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                                  Okay, i'll give that a try, have a couple chicken wings, and maybe a beer on me! :)
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                                    I am getting the same message trying to convert NEFF files from my D300. I have removed DNG 4.3.1 two times and re-installed with no luck. Is the third time going to be the charm or is there something else that needs to be done?
                                    Bryan P
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                                      JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                                      I'm afraid I am one of those who is still wishing for a camera like yours. I don't have a Nikon camera. But it seems to me that I recall reading somewhere that it is possible to shoot compressed or non-compressed NEF files. If this is the case, try shooting non-compressed and see if that makes a difference.

                                      I'm a little suspect of your comment about installing the DNG converter. There is nothing to actually "install." It is simply a matter of putting the DNG converter file somewhere on your computer. How are you trying to use the DNG converter? I'm not suggesting you are doing anything wrong. I just want to make sure we are both talking about the same method for using the converter.
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                                        Panoholic Level 2
                                        I tried four or five of the eight file format variations (12bit/14bit, uncompressed/losslessly compressed/lossily compressed, not very noisy/lossily compressed, very noisy). While there is an error with the very noisy images (I reported this on the ACR forum), I did not encounter any problem with parsing.

                                        After having started the DNG converter, you can click on About and it shows the version. Have you verified that?

                                        If that is the right version, can you upload the file (perhaps with yousendit)?
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                                          Thanks Jim and G for responding. I have to admit that I'm technologically challenged when it comes to computers - download or install it's all the same to me. Whatever I was doing wrong it seems that the third time was the charm (or maybe it was just walking away from the computer for a day and starting fresh)the last try at downloading the converter is working and I am now a very happy camper. I'm not sure what I did differently but it is converting the NEFF files so I'll just go with it. Now I just have to learn how to use this fancy camera.
                                          Have a great day, Bryan
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                                            Hi Jim, Walt Thomas here, Haad to work on my IRS, so that displaced my DNG efforts.
                                            I did try to dwnld the DNG following your instrc.(3:32pm Feb 7, pst,(#12 of 12),
                                            I ended up with a Desktop Camera Raw Icon, so maybe I didn't get what I was supposed to? I draged a folder oveer to the Icon that seemed to work.
                                            When I place the cursor over the Icon it does show the file I dragged over to the icon, but I still cannot open these files/images in CS2. Seems I did something incorrectly.

                                            I used the dwnld link you supplied. The WinZip thing opened, I clicked on Evalutive Try option (opposed to buy now option).
                                            It seemed the the Zip dwnld'd the DNG..Camera RAw 4.3.1,
                                            There was only a single line of text, which read DNG and camera raw 4.3.1 , which I clicked because there was no single line choice "DNG" by itself.
                                            Afterward I dragged a folder over to the Camera Raw Icon, the Win Zip thing came up and I clicked on it to dwnld the folder which it seemed to do.
                                            You had also mentioned "just click on the Convert button", but I never did see that.
                                            If I Rt. click on the Camera Raw Icon and chose delete, is that all I have to do to start over??
                                            I'm sure that's clear as mud.

                                            Thanks Walt
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                                              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                                              If you downloaded the ZIP file to your desktop, that is only the first step. After you have the ZIP file on your desktop, do the following:

                                              1. Double-click on the ZIP file. A window should open that displays the contents of the ZIP file. Inside of that window you should see Camera Raw.8bi and the DNG converter (Adobe DNG Converter.EXE).

                                              2. From the window that displays the contents of the ZIP file, drag the DNG converter onto your desktop. This is done by placing your mouse cursor on the DNG converter, pressing and holding down the left mouse button and simply dragging the DNG converter onto your desktop by moving the mouse (remember, while holding down the mouse button).

                                              3. Now you can close the window that displays the contents of the ZIP file. Theoretically, you shouldn't need it anymore. If you want, you can store that in a folder somewhere. It might be a good idea to put it somewhere in My Documents.

                                              4. Now you should have the DNG converter program file on your desktop. It has an icon that looks like a camera iris. This is the icon that you drag your raw files and drop them. You do not need, nor can you use, the camera raw plug-in that is in the folder because it will not work with your version of Photoshop. Just forget about it. It comes packaged with the DNG converter.

                                              Give this a try, and if you still have problems let us know and we will try to give more specific details.
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                                                I have the DNG Icon on my desktop and I have sucessfully dwnld'd a file which I can now open in CS2!! I am awarding you the Silver Twinkie Award for your perseverence with me (and many others I'm sure).
                                                Now, if you want to try for the Golden DeepFried Twinkie Award, let me know if I can (and how to), highlight and drag multiple files to DNG for converting?
                                                At any rate thanks for your help!

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                                                  JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                                                  I'm glad to hear that you have finally been able to process a DNG file. I know it makes one feel good when they are able to make progress. Just keep going. It will all come together.

                                                  Actually, there are several ways to process multiple images. One method is to just drag the folder that contains a bunch of raw images and drop the folder on the DNG Converter icon. This will process all images contained in the folder.

                                                  Another method is to display your list of raw images and hold down the Ctrl key as you click on images. Each image that you click on will become highlighted. When you have highlighted the images that you want processed simply click and hold on one of them and drag them to the DNG converter. If you want all the raw images that you see listed in the folder, click on the first image, then hold down the shift key while you click on the last image, and all images will become highlighted. Click and hold on one of the images and drag them to the DNG converter.

                                                  Another method to highlight all of the images in a folder is to hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter A. Then click and hold on one of the images and drag them to the DNG converter.

                                                  All of these highlighting methods are standard Windows features, part of the Windows operating system. I don't know if you are like me, but I find the Microsoft website a nightmare to navigate and find what I'm looking for. If you have a community college nearby it might be a good idea for you to take a basic course on Windows as well as one on Photoshop.
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                                                    Level 1
                                                    Okay, thanks appreciate the info. we do have a local commun college and I do plan on taking a couple of courses!
                                                    Bye for now.
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                                                      Apologies for being dim but I have had a similar problem with my Canon 40D.

                                                      I am currently running CS2. I downloaded a DNG converter and managed to convert some files quite successfully, but now I keep getting the parsing error message.

                                                      I have checked my CS2 plug in and have the 3.7 version, and there only appears to be one in there. Is there a quick way to search for more because I put ACR into the search box and came up with every word in existence with those letters?

                                                      I have purged the cache in Bridge, and rebooted, but still get the parsing error. I understand that I shouldn't download a CS3 plug in, but can I download a series 4 dng converter and use that.

                                                      What confuses me is how it can work one day and not the next.

                                                      Help please!
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                                                        PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                                        The converter you need to use is version 4.3.1. You need to convert entire folders, or directly drag and drop files on the converter.

                                                        If you have issues with certain files, make sure that there is no corruption happening with the card reader, etc.
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                                                          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                                                          Just to clarify. There seems to be some confusion about the DNG converter. It is NOT necessary to match the version of the DNG converter with your version of ACR. That relationship does not exist. A DNG file created by any version of the DNG converter can be opened by any version of ACR from version 2.4 onward. So you always want to use the latest version of the DNG converter because it will support the greatest number of cameras including the most recent cameras for which Adobe has added support.