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    How to get tag information.

      I want to write a program to convert our raw image into dng image.

      There are some tags like ColorMarix1, ColorMatrix2 and AsShotNeutral in dng format , and I don't know how to get the tag information form camera raw data.

      Did manufacturer offer such kind of information or I can get them from the raw image.

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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          AsShotNeutral is an optional tag, so leave it off you don't know it.

          You need at least ColorMatrix1 for color images. Generally you are not going to find it a raw file (this is the major reason why DNG was invented--most raw files don't have this kind of information embedded in them--at at least in any documented form).

          As a starting point, try copying the ColorMatrix1 from a different DNG file from a camera with a similar sensor to yours.