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    cfpdf processDDX TOC Issue

      Page numbering in Table of Contents generated by cfpdf is inconsistent. No matter what I do, some PDFs keep showing up in the Table of Contents as page 1. So the pages go like this: 3,1,4,1,10,129,1,262,1,1,266,295,1,298,1, etc.

      I am concatenating PDFs to form a book, using the processDDX functionality of cfPDF. The cover and divider pages are generated with cfdocument, while the PDFs are scanned docs that have been uploaded and file information loaded in a database table. In some cases, there evidently are page numbers already embedded in the PDF files. The relevant portion of the ddx is this (see attached code. The query qBook returns the document titles, which stage of the process they are in, etc. Each file path has been registered in an input struct, so 'doc#qBook.currentRow# is the specific file path. )

      I have tried using ddx to apply the <NoBookmarks/> parameter to uploaded PDFs and resaving them before putting into a book, but that does not work –they retain page numbering when assembled into a book. I tried applying LiveCycle’s <NoPageLabels/> directive, to remove page labels (including page numbers), but that evidently is not supported by the stripped-down version of LiveCycle in ColdFusion.

      The functionality otherwise is great; however, the client does not want the funky page numbering, which I can understand!

      Anyone have any thoughts?