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    DNG WIC Codec - Comments

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      As one of the more vocal requestors for the DNG WIC codec. I want to say
      thanks to Adobe for finally getting something out. I have installed it and
      seems to function pretty well.

      One of the things I noticed was that the thumbnail shown is based on the
      built in jpg. It does not reflect any adjustments to the image. However when
      you open the file in the viewer it shows the dng with adjustments made. So
      if you have adjusted exposure, white balance etc... the viewer shows this.
      For fun I went back into LR and had it update the DNG preview for some of
      the files and the thumbnails in the Windows Explorer updated
      automatically. - Very Cool.

      For the final version I would really like to be able to update the meta data
      from Windows and have those changes stick into the files. The new geotagging
      for Vista is a great example. Being able to adjust star ratings, comments,
      captions etc... would also be a big plus.

      Now for the truly "wish list" items, what about enabling a lot of the camera
      RAW functionality in the adjustments pane of the window. The basic functions
      like in the LR library module would be great.

      All in all a good start.

      Thanks Adobe