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    DNG conversion fails sporadically with Get Photos From Camera

      Camera: Canon 40D and 5D
      XP SP2
      ACR 4.4.1
      DNG Converter 4.3.1

      Importing my files to Bridge using the Get Photos from Camera (GPFC) option results in sporadic DNG conversion failure. There's no pattern, just a lump of files that don't get converted at the end of the process. It's very frustrating because I have to manually go back and find the files that failed and use GPFC option again. Even then sometimes it fails again!

      I'm attached to using the GPFC option instead of the standalone DNG converter because GPFC lets me automatically make a backup file to another disk and adds a template. But even when I use DNG Converter to import the files off my card, DNG fails for some of the files. Purging the cache only works half the time and for some of the files.

      Is there any solution to the GPFC problem? I've seen people have similar problems, but with no real conclusions...

      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.