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    Profile Export problem with DNG Profile Editor

      When I go to save out my new camera profile, I select 'Export<mycameranamehere>profile...' in File menu, (Ctrl+E), and apart from a brief 'twitching' effect observed by the alternating active-to-inactive status of the image window, nothing else seems to happen.<br /><br />Normally, I am used to any command which is suffixed by three dots to bring up a new options menu, or 'Save in..' dialogue, but not so in this case. Minimising all open windows doesn't reveal anything that may have opened behind the active panels either.<br /><br />Hold the front page!<br />Whilst writing this, I had an idea, and instead of using one of my own camera's converted RAW files (Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n full resolution file), I used a converted NEF file fron a Nikon D200 that I have lying around, and bingo! Ctrl+E opened up just fine with a 'Save in' dialogue ready to export the profile out to a location of your choosing. So why not with the Kodak file? It processed my ColorChecker24 file just fine, and the profile result looked very good indeed. It just refuses to export it so I can use it in Lightroom or CS3.<br /><br />Am using Windows XP Pro SP3 with Adobe DNG Converter 4.5.