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    Export Profile Failed error message


      I'm trying to build a profile using DNG Profile Editor and a ColorChecker.
      At the end of the process I got the message "Export Profile Failed"
      I've checked (and followed) all tutorials available. It should be ok.
      I made a search for "Export Profile Failed" and found nothing about it.
      Did someone got the same message?
      Best regards,

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          Good news: I've copied the same DNG file and the same copy of DNG Profile Editor onto a computer running win vista sp2 and it works like a charm! I got the message "Canon EOS 400D 100iso_day_curve2.dcp was exported successfully". The profile was saved on a wrong folder: somewhere in the adobe tree but not in the camera profile folder (in this computer is C:\Users\Fernando\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\).
          So I think it is a win xp related problem.
          I've noticed another problem in both machines (xp and vista): In the "Color Tables" tab the RGB, Lab and HSL number displays only two digits. The biggest rgb shows 55, instead of 255.
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            I am thrilled with the possibility of fast and simple color standardizing, that the new DNG Profile Editor seems to open up. I tried to create profiles for 2 Fuji Cameras (E 900 and S 9600) and a Nikon D200, according to tutorial 5. This worked fine with the Nikon. However, when opening the DNG files from the Fujis, the color circles for white and turqoise had swapped places. I moved them to their proper places, but when I clicked "Create Color Table", I got an error message "Can't read color patches. Please use the four color circles to identify the four corner patches of the chart and try again."
            Is there any cure? I'm on a Mac 10.4.11.
            Kind regards - Hening Bettermann.
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              my above post was intended to start a new topic and should not appear here in duplicate.
              Kind regards - HB.