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    Online DVD replication/distribution

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      I wasn't sure where else to ask this, and I figure since many of you guys have been in this for a while and are probably aware of various delivery options, I'd try posting here.

      I'm a member of several forums, and one of them is putting together a kind of scrapbook project that compiles creative works by members.

      For the graphic/art submissions, the organizer has decided to go with one of those online book-binding services. Basically, you submit all the artwork to them based on their downloadable templates, they print it, bind it and people can order the final product from the website. This site, here, specifically:


      I've volunteered to help compile a video submission component, and I'll be authoring the DVD as people submit their videos to me (I'm anticipating a lot of videos in need of correction for pixel aspect ratio issues in the near future, lol).

      My question is basically, are there any good online services that are the video/DVD equivalent of the scrapbook/picture book binding service described above? A small-scale (basically to order) replication service that one could submit the ISO of a DVD-Video, discart on some kind of template; and people would be able to order the resultant disc?

      thanks in advance,