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    Never-Ending transcoding/importing? Here's the fix.

    neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      Transcoding keeps getting to 99% or so, and reverting back to 75% and continuing Ad Infinitum in a seeming never-ending loop.

      The registry is corrupted.

      1. Close all programs.
      2. Run Regedit.
      3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Adobe -> Common.
      4. Delete "Media Cache".
      5. Restart computer.

      Another possible culprit has proved to be an application called "FindSounds Palette" and it should be uninstalled completely using the following method:
      Uninstall "Find Sounds Palette" (FS Palette).
      Delete the two registry key folders for "Comparisonics".
      Uninstall Encore CS3.
      Delete Registry Keys for Encore.
      Re-Install Encore CS3.
      Re-Install Encore 3.0.1 update.