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    Missing Library Content from Downloaded Retail version?

    neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      With Thanks to Stef for the original Post.
      I have added this to the FAQ because "missing" library files & functional content seems to be an issue for some users. Here is the solution.

      Stef Ryckmans - 11:47pm Dec 16, 07 PST

      If you purchased a download version of our products, just follow the instructions below and start using it today:
      1. Go to the URL below and select your store:
      * https://www.adobe.com/go/store_selector
      2. From the Store drop-down menu, click on "Your Account".
      3. Login into Your Account with the ID listed above.
      4. Locate your order #AD000XXXXXXXX and click on the order number.
      5. In the Order Detail page, click on the 'Downloads for this Order' button.
      6. Start your download by clicking on the 'Download' button.
      7. After you have completed the download process, your serial number will be displayed in the download center.
      8. First install Download manager, which you HAVE TO INSTALL before downloading other files.
      On that page you can download the files PPROCS3_Cont_ALP.EXE (Premiere Pro Content/manuals) AENCCS3_Cont_ALP.exe (Content/manual installer for Encore CS3 manual).

      !!! Take care that all downloaded files are saved on your local system in the same directory (Premiere/Encore)