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    "Access Denied" Vista Error - Fix!

    neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      This was originally posted to the Encore forums by Siddiqullah Saleem.
      Reposted here for all to use.

      Hi Every One

      I know that this Problem happens with lots of people out there

      It is not fault of Adobe, well Adobe is a good company, the problem is with the Vista Which has a hidden User Called Administrator.

      Even if you are Administrator you don't have all the permission to access the files, All Permissions are only assigned to Core Administrator which is hidden.

      If you want to enable that user here is the command for that

      Open Run Type Cmd

      and then type this ----- net user administrator /active:yes

      now your hidden administrator is active, you can work with the hidden administrator. simply log off your user and log in to the new account named Administrator and enjoy more benefits for example you can start the setups and all other programs and the UCI will not pop up and will not distrube You every time plus you have access to every thing but there is only one problem that is security you must secure your computer with good firewall and antivirus coz now you are using core Administrator which have access to every thing.

      Well This is the whole detail

      Now we should come to the real problem which is faced by lots of Users of Adobe Encore CS3, That is Access Deneid while writing DVD above from 4.7 GB.

      To Avoid that Simply right click on Adobe Encore CS3 and select Open as Administrator or the second way is to use core Administrator user.

      Now every thing will work fine

      Hope this will help you

      Many Thanks

      Siddiqullah Saleem