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    Dual Layer Disc Does not Play in Set Top DVD Player

      Problem: Dual Layer Disc Does not Play in Set Top DVD Player

      Solution: If your burner supports having its bitsetting changed, find a utility and change it to include DVD-ROM.

      Additional Information:
      DL (Dual Layer) is currently only a +R format. This is a serious problem, as you will find that on older players - and a lot of new ones - there is no +R support. It is not official, and therefore useless for any professional application.

      By changing the bitsetting of your burner, it allows DLs (Dual Layer discs) to be burned with a book type of DVD-Rom and thus readable by many more players.

      DVD player support drops off exponentially if your burner doesn't support bitsetting, allowing you to change the book type of your disc from DL to DVD-Rom. The DL book type will play on most newer software DVD players but not set top players.

      If you've burned a dual layer disc without changing the bitsetting, it is a permanent semi-coaster as it will only play on your computer. I understand that newer DL burners are coming with firmware that automatically sets the book type.

      Encore offers no control over book-type. My understanding is that this is a burner-specific parameter: some burners support allow themselves to be set and others do not.

      Bitsetting (setting the Book Type) is specific to individual burners. There are some 3rd party software utilities out there that do a good job. The best thing to do is do a Google Search for your specific burner and find what works for yours.

      LiteOn has a book type utility available for its DL burners:
      I believe DVDInfoPro can set this on burners which support it.

      Note: I would caution everyone who updates their firmware to check their bitsetting before burning DL discs. I don't know if it always returns to its default but it did in my case.

      Bitsetting is done prior to burning the disk and generally only needs to be set once (unless like me, you update the firmware of your burner). The book type identifies to the player what type of disk is in it. Most players will play DVD-Roms with no problem. However, the book type of a DL disk is DVD+R DL as opposed to DVD-Rom and few players can read that.