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    Trims and/or chapters adjusted?

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      I get this error when i check my project, does anyone know what causes this problem?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Some chapter markers may not have ended up on the beginning of a GOP, so Encore moves them by a few frames or you need to do so yourself. Depending on what source footage you use, this can happen after transcodes, but is nothing to get anxious about.

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            neil wilkes Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            In addition, Chapter Markers must be placed at a GOP header.
            When using an AVI file and allowing Encore to transcode to MPEG-2 chapter markers will always remain where you placed them as Encore will create an I-Frame & a GOP header at each chapter marker.
            When using an imported MPEG-2 file however, it is possible there may not be a GOP header where you want the marker, so it will be automatically adjusted to the nearest one.
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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Neil, thanks for that clear explanation. I learned it the hard way a while back, and it seems so obvious when you explain it.

              rasmus, if you are sing imported mpeg footage, you can ensure chapters at gop boundaries easily; hold the alt key down while clicked the frame advance/reverse button. It moves by gops. I love this feature. While it usually doesn't matter, there are times where you may have a strong preference for one gop versus another.
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                timtro Level 1

                So how do you get rid of the warning after you have checked and adjusted all the markers that En moved? Also, what is a GOP?

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                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I assume you still have a problem somewhere.  I am not certain, but I think the warning will disappear when the problem does.  If you are absolutely certain that you have no chapters off, I don't know what is at issue in a "trim" being adjusted.


                  You can, of course, ignore the warning and see what you end up with.  In some cases, a chapter being moved slightly will not matter.  I would try tracking this down, and not just leave it, however.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    GOP is Group of Pictures. This ARTICLE will give you some background and displays.


                    If one has already done the Transcoding, then the exact placement of the markers may not be possible, as one will be able to ONLY place them on I-Frames and that might well be 15 Frames away.


                    The secret is to use a non-GOP file, like DV-AVI Type II, set the markers exactly, and then do the Transcode in En, after the Markers have been set. Encore will assign an I-Frame to those points.


                    Good luck, and hope that this helps,



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                      timtro Level 1



                      I use black for chapter transitions so I have a range of frames where the

                      markers can go. I did notice that En seems to move chapter points apparently

                      at random and that might explain it.



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                        timtro Level 1



                        I finally (at 3:20 this morning) decided to ignore the warnings and go ahead

                        with the DVD and the DVD seems to be working as planned.


                        I readjusted all the chapter markers but the warning remained so I ignored



                        As for the other error, I finally added an extra chapter marker on the last

                        frame, left everything at "not set", then set the "end action" for the

                        ending footage chapter point to that last frame chapter. That got rid of

                        that error message. It makes no sense because it would not accept "stop" for

                        the ending for the last segment, which is what you do at the end of a DVD.

                        I've seen other forum posts about that but I didn't see any suggested

                        solutions so I decided to try an off-the-wall approach.


                        I also experienced an error "2925.4559s Aspect ratio not supported by DVD.

                        Bpgc, time 2925.4559s". It turned out to be (apparently, through a process

                        of elimination) caused by a menu that was HD size instead of regular DVD

                        size. It would be nice if the error messages would identify the location in

                        meaningful terms and I might have figured it out sooner.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Probably the biggest problem with error messages in En is that most are generated by the Sonic AuthorCore modules. Those modules are the working part of En, "under the hood," and all that we users see will be the abstraction layer. Those modules are notorious for not talking with each other, and not with the OS. Some of the errors are OS related, and again, MS does not do the best at error reporting, especially if filtered through one of the Sonic modules. Poor En gets some error message, and often does not know if it's the OS, or Sonic, or what it's really about. It seems that in a few cases (humorously reported here) it guesses at what the problem might be. Sometimes, it guesses correctly, but sometimes, er-r-r, not so well.


                          I agree that what you are asking for would be great, and very helpful. In PrPro, when I Import older Projects with missing 3rd party Effects, or Transitions, PrPro throws an error box, telling me the name of the missing Effect, or Transition, and the exact TimeCode, where it should appear. Only way that it could be better, would be something like this, "This Project applies Colorista at 00;00;03;07, and you do not have that. Fast Color Corrector is as close as your list of Effects comes. Would you like for me to apply that Effect?" However, we'd be talking AI along the lines of the HAL9000! Not sure I am ready for that, "Bill, I'm sorry, but your request cannot be honored. My mission is the absolute perfection in this Project, so I can't let you add Page Curl. No HAL9000 has ever committed an error... " delivered in the voice of Douglas Rain.


                          Glad that you got your Project going. Not sure why En would move the Markers about a couple of sec. of Black Video. Since I do not use Chapter Markers, maybe it's just my lack of knowledge regarding those Markers.


                          Good luck,



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                            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            I'm all for getting projects out the door!


                            I think the errors could be fixed, but sometimes they can be too resistent.

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                              digabyte Level 1

                              It's nothing to get anxious about, but the error comes up everytime you want to burn... and there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it except to recreate an entirely new time line.  That makes me anxious.


                              Is there still no fix for this?


                              I've got a project that I made no changes to whatsoever.  Furthermore, there is NO transcoding in Encore (the footage is all exported from Premiere as MPEG-DVD.  The project has been burning DVD's fine for a week; now suddenly the dreaded error (after no changes to the project or footage files).



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                                Captain Gavin Level 1

                                I realise this a huge bump (almost two years) but I have a solution which worked for me.


                                I usually automatically generate chapter points using 2 or 5 minute intervals.


                                This problem came up and my solution was to regenerate the chapter points making sure that I checked the box "delete existing chapter points".

                                When I checked the project the warning did not appear again.


                                Why this works is up to the more technical boffins to solve.

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                                  digabyte Level 1

                                  While that might work for your particular method (auto generating chapters), eliminating and recreating ALL chapter points for a timeline in which the creator has set chapter points to scenes (sometimes close to 100 in a two hour time line) is not a realistic solution.

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                                    TONY:O) Level 1

                                    I fixed this problem by stretching out the ending video file that was in the timeline, for some reason it was trimmed a few seconds in. So when I stretched it back out(put the mouse courser at the end of the video clip click it and stretch it out ), the problem disappeared.

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                                      digabyte Level 1

                                      Interesting.  While I haven't run into the issue since upgrading to CS6, this is good to know (and makes sense that it could work).  Thanks for posting!

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                                        billmilgram Level 1

                                        I encountered this error after checking a project with no errors, then reopening it without changing anything. The chapters were created in Premiere Pro CC and included in the MPEG-2 DVD export. I rectified this error by deleting the chapters that were created in Premiere Pro CC, and creating new ones in Encore. The check project gave no errors after this process.

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                                          digabyte Level 1

                                          Right, but deleting and recreating every chapter isn't really a solution.

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                                            billmilgram Level 1

                                            Yeah, you're totally right; a solution would be a fix to Encore's creating errors after it tested for them and found none. I was just saying that I will be creating the chapters in Encore rather than in Premiere and exporting them with the master file. This would be very annoying to anyone with a lot of chapters because it would be so much easier to create the chapters on the Premiere timeline.

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                                              ShevaPro Level 1

                                              I have exactly the same problem. I had to move all of the chapter markers to a new place. After Adobe moved from CS to CC scheme it seems they do not test the software at all. Working at my last project I spent 50% of time dealing with bugs in Premiere CC 2014 and Encore CS6.

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                                                rd_GSC Level 1

                                                I know we're many months down the road after the initial post, but I had the same issue & solved it by moving the entire clip up the timeline about 2 minutes & back again, It fixed the error message immediately..


                                                I thought i'D post incase anyone is still having this issue in dec 2014



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                                                  jagreff Level 1

                                                  Thank you, Rich!  This fixed my problem, too.  Jacquie

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                                                    jennyscottlarson Level 1

                                                    This fixed my problem too!  Thanks so much.  Simple fix - love that!

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                                                      mara34 Level 1

                                                      Thanks a lot It fixed the problem although I am not even sure if there was a problem. It only makes me nervous when I have to make 100 copies. and I get an error like this

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                                                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        That is the reaction I have. This is not really an error message so much as an alert telling you that Encore changed something. It is generally a minor adjustment, but if it came at a critical marker, it could be an issue. I always do a total review again after getting this.

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                                                          MadmanTom Level 1

                                                          OMG! Thank you, Rich!

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                                                            virgojoe Level 1

                                                            I got this message and looked on my timeline and there was a wrong/false chapter marker that was so close to a legitimate one the only way I could see it was to expand the timeline in the view and then click thru chapter marker to chapter marker.  I had 2 markers labeled Chapter 4, about 5 frames apart from each other. 


                                                            Again-- expand the timeline and look for bunched up chapter markers.  I deleted the extra one, ran the 'Check Project' again, and the error message went away.


                                                            Also, don't be afraid to take the file out of the timeline and put it back in, to reset the chapter markers.  You will have to relink them to your menus but it may resolve this problem or identify additional markers that are causing the error message.

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