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    Debugging Flex applications

    jcastelain Level 1
      Hi all,

      I recently started developing with Flex. Before version 2 i had never tried it so i suppose this is a basic question.

      First i was using the FlexBuilder in "trial" version. Debugging was quite simple and i never really worried about it untill i had to find another IDE or editor to continue having so much fun as the trial period of FB2 had come to it's end. Since i'm running windows (most of the time), i downloaded FlashDevelop and the free SDK. I read the docs almost every topic that covers "Debugging" and "Logging" and after a while i successfully managed to create custom trace targets, one that i use inside of the FlashDevelop IDE and another one that logs messages to the SOSPowerFlasher console (a tool i was already using for AS2 development). The thing i hadn't tried yet was using the debugger that comes with the SDK.

      The thing i'd like to know about fdb, and i didn't find an answer in the help or on the web, is how to reply to this question


      I tried typing "yes" and hit the enter key but no luck. "No" didn't work either. So if anyone could give me help about this feature, i'd be interested.

      I also started playing with the beta player for linux, and it works really well, so i'm spending much more time on my linux box than one month ago. Does fdb also work on linux (i haven't had time to check yet, i just started playing with fdb this morning) ? I was thinking of writing a little "console" in java (unfortunately getting SOSPowerFlasher to work on linux isn't as easy it could be) in where i could "log" messages, but if fdb works on linux i guess it would be a bit useless.

      Thanks for your help