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    jvm terminated exit code=1

    FabioIKO Level 1
      I have installed 3 times Flex 3.
      Always I updated Eclipse to 3.2 when restarting the computer an different error appears.
      In this time was "jvm terminated exit code=1".
      Forums have nothing about it...
      I won't never update Eclipse anymore? Then remove it from Help menu!
      At the last Flex 3 installation I reboot machine and it's still works...
      I don't know whether built a software based in plugins of open source was an Adobe good idea...
      It means that I need understand Eclipse to use Flex 3? Something is wrong...
      I bought Flex and want Flex support!
      When it happens again (I believe it will do) how Adobe will support me?
      in the middle of a job will must I reinstall ever and ever???
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          riesvantwisk Level 1
          I feel your pain,

          Eclipse is great, but they really need to look at apt on how to upgrade there installation(I know APT and "Eclipse update" is hard to compare, but think of version management).

          Ecluose update process simply sucks.. if you miss one week of updates it often just hangs... I stopped doing that and really go for mayor version updates rather then daily updates..

          Eclipse team please come into action for this!!!!