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    AIR/Ajax: URLLoader issue with discogs.com

      Hi All,

      my setup: winXP SP2, Air 1.0.

      im trying to get XML (URLRequest/URLLoader) from such a simple URL: http://www.discogs.com/release/45?f=xml&api_key=23b4279d17

      in COMPLETE handler im trying just to air.trace(event.target.data);
      in PROGRESS handler im doing air.trace(event);
      in HTTP_STATUS handler im doing air.trace(event);

      what im getting on output is the following:

      progressHandler loaded:476 total: 476
      httpStatusHandler: [HTTPStatusEvent type="httpStatus" bubbles=false cancelable=f
      alse eventPhase=2 status=200 responseURL=null]

      Simply speaking im getting garbage instead of XML file (garbage is of 476 bytes size, while file downloaded via IE to my PC is about 950bytes in size).
      The XML is there (i can fetch it from my IE). When i save this XML locally, and then upload it to another site (my this time): http://crankshaft.fm.interia.pl/45.xml - i can fetch it too.

      But for some reason when im trying to do this from original discogs.com site - im getting garbage. According to their API docs this is UTF-8 (however no encoding tag in the header).

      Moreover fetching a casual 'html' from discogs site with the same piece of code works just fine.

      I played a bit with air.System.useCodePage true/false. But with no better results.

      Can someone help me here ? :)