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    Problems with drag

      I have Captivate 3, Version 3.01 Build 589. When I record a drag in Excel to select diferent cells, Captivate goes blanc with only a small portion visible showing the drag action.

      I am recording in full screen mode and recording voice.

      How can I solve this problem. Also, when I type something, the screen blinks (goes blank for a little time).

      Please help.


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          CatBandit Level 3
          Sounds like you are killing your computer (figuratively) by demanding more of it than it is able to deliver with the resources available. This includes RAM, free (contiguous) HDD space, graphics card memory and bus speed, and CPU abilities.

          Give the machine and yourself a break by avoiding pushing it beyond its limits, if at all possible (I know sometimes it is not). Full screen mode creates a very large picture (background image) with each snapshot, and if you are using full-motion recording, it is even worse. Add to that the resources required for narrating audio, and you have a recipe that spells "over-demand and under-powered".

          I would take a guess that the blank screen issue is a graphics issue, again having to do with asking more of your computer than it is able to give you. If you are not able to capture a smaller area, to lighten the load, and cannot avoid using full-motion-recording (FMR), I would look at hardware acceleration on the current set up, and perhaps a new, more capable graphics card. Good luck! Larry