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    Error while rendering: Export file not found - what to do?

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      I have been editing my video in four different premiere pro projects (as I got adviced to do from these forums because it's AVCHD clips). I have rendered these four projects and burned to four DVD's (total playtime is around 1.5hours) - which is working fine.

      But then I try to import all four projects into one big master project because I want to make a blu-ray iso. The import goes fine (I import like this: File > Import > Choose project > Import entire project)

      I export to encore, make the menus etc. and click "build" to start rendering. The problem is that after some time I get this error:

      Blu-ray Object: "sequence-name-here/project-name-here.prproj", Export file not found

      I have seen this error before while rendering some of the four individual projects - but when I saw them I simply just tried again by exporting to encore from the projects again. This seemed to work - but with the big master project I have tried several times with no luck.

      Can anyone help me fix this issue? :)
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          Sorry, but this is more informational for me than help for you.
          I was wondering what kind of camera you have?

          I just have PremPro Cs3, but I was assuming you have CS4, since Cs4 has a group of AVCHD presets for the project.

          Did you just use the Premier capture module to download the files off your camera. What kind of file is captured by the AVCHD project.
          Do you just use a USB cable directly from the camera to the computer or do you have to use a firewire?

          Is the resolution of your files 1920x1080?

          Are the files interlaced or progressive.
          What is the frame rate?

          How are you exporting (I assume you have four separate sequences from your four projects and then combined them into one final sequence.

          In my brief experience with CS3 and bluray, I just export the sequence I want with the Adobe Media Encoder using Mpeg bluray with a HDTV high quality preset and then import the separate video and audio streams into a timeline into the ENcore BluRay project. There's also a H.264 preset both for export and Bluray, of course.
          Thanks for your info.
          John Rich
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            It's a Canon HF10 and yeah, I use CS4.

            To get the files into premiere I connected the camera to my PC with the supplied USB cable and copied all the MTS files from the camera to my hard drive, and then I imported them to premiere (you could probably also just import them directly from the camera).

            The resolution is 1920*1080. The footage is recorded with the camera in 24p mode, but premiere recognizes the clips as 60i. I read somewhere that this is just how canon did this 24p mode - so it is actually 24p but shows as 60i. I don't know the details :)

            I have four projects with each one sequence. Then I made a master project and imported all four projects into this. I opened the four sequences and copied everything over to a master sequence which I then exported to encore with dynamic link.

            Finally I fixed the menus and stuff and start building the iso - but then my described problem arises.

            No one able to explain why? :(
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              Why don't you just drag all four of the imported main sequences into one main sequence (master sequence) and then use the Adobe Media Encoder to output from Premiere as a Bluray Mpeg or H.264. Don't use the dynamic link.

              Then import the output from Premiere as a timeline into Encore and create the bluray .iso in Encore. (I'd use ImgBurn to burn the .iso to a BDRE first to see if it works).

              Philosophically, in my humble experience, there is a lot of stuff with BluRay editing nobody can explain.LOL

              I'm thinking of getting a AVCHD camera, so I'm interested how this works out.
              John Rich
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                Well, the chapter marks will be lost if i render with media encoder and then import the result from that to encore?

                Also It's probably gonna take a lot longer time to do it this way. At least it did so with some test I did a couple of weeks ago. The building of the iso still takes a very long time.

                But of course I can try but I would prefer exporting directly to encore with dynamic link.

                There must be someone here who got an idea of what is wrong in encore?

                And by the way.. the Canon HF10 is an excellent camera - it's very handy and the image quality is simply amazing in my opinion :)
                The build-in flash disk is also nice, so you can both have this + an external flash disk, which leaves you with plenty of space.
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                  I tried one more time now. I simply opened the encore project and started to build the iso, and strangely it worked though I didn't change anything at all from my last try with the exact same encore file.

                  This is weird - but now I got the iso :P
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                    nathancollins44 Community Member

                    I am also having this error "Export file not found" .................

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                      Yes, I got this too:




                      For posterity, here is what I have found that completely fixes this error, repeatedly:  Clear Encore's cache.  Specifically:


                      1. Close your Encore project and exit Encore
                      2. Go to the cache subdirectory named for your project (ie. if your save file is c:\projects\mymovie.ncor then go to c:\projects\mymovie\cache)
                      3. Delete the file "mlf.cache.v10"
                      4. If your Encore project contains any Premiere Pro dynamically-linked assets, start Premiere Pro and load at least one of the projects used in Encore.  (I have found that this reduces memory usage -- for some reason, Premiere Pro takes up less memory than if Encore spawns the PProHeadless.exe media server to serve the same function)
                      5. Restart Encore and load your project


                      ...and wait, patiently, for Encore to re-scan all of your assets and build up the cache again and don't touch it until it's finished.  I use Process Explorer (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653) to watch my disk activity and CPU to know when Encore is finished (just hover on the cyan-colored graph and you can see what program is performing the most disk activity).  Once it's all finished, I save, then immediately try to build my project again.  For proof of concept, my 40GB BD-50 project just built last night after getting this error yesterday afternoon.


                      If any of your assets are not transcoded before you begin this process, transcode them all, then start this process over again from step one.  Clearing the cache does not clear the transcodes.


                      I hope this helps someone.  I was not looking forward to completely re-authoring my project, which I've been working on (on and off) for a few months.

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                        Stanley Arthur Community Member

                        Worked like a CHARM! Thanks so much!

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                          brunsona Community Member

                          I deleted the cache file but still got the error.


                          I checked the media files and found some were not transcoded and Blu-Ray Transcode was set to Do Not Transcode. I changed that to Automatic and everything worked as before.


                          I'm not sure how that got changed as I haven't checked other projects that burned with no error but that cleared it up for me.



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                            John T Smith MVP

                            Don't know if these will help... but free to read


                            As well as the below, right click the Encore icon and select Run as Administrator, which is NOT the same thing as running the computer with the Administrator account, and which fixes several "odd" problems... To create a dual layer DVD (or a BluRay?), you MUST have Encore set to use the Run as Administrator option


                            Run as Administrator http://forums.adobe.com/thread/771202


                            Odd Errors http://forums.adobe.com/thread/670174


                            Long File Names or odd characters cause problems

                            Read http://forums.adobe.com/thread/588273

                            And #4 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/666558

                            And This Message Thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/665641