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    Sense Code 52102

      I am burning my first DVD with Encore DVD from CS3 and once I hit build, it goe through the build for a couple minutes (1 hr of timelie), I get a hardware error (sense code 52102) does anyone knows what this means?
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          Ruud Blauw Level 1
          Sense code errors are almost always caused by some piece of software interfering in the communication problem between Encore and the burner.

          Please have a look at Things and Software to avoid when authoring for DVD-V .
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            I had exactly the same issue and it was resolved thanks to the very helpful suggestion by Ruud Blauw - turning off the autorun functions on the DVD drive in XP sorted it out. Thanks to Ruud and the fabulous Adobe Forums.
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              Anybody know how to solve this on a mac?

              Yours Anders Kjems
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                You may have to interpolate a bit from Ruud's suggestions, to fit the Mac, but with a "sensecode" error, it is likely that you are experincing a problem with your burner, or the media you are attempting to burn to. I believe that both of these issues are addressed in Ruud's link. Sorry that I do not know the specifics of Mac systems, so someone else will have to translate from PC-speak to Mac-speak. Beyond the basics of confirming all the mechanics and the electronics (firmware, etc.) in your burner and using good media, I cannot offer anything more for a Mac. Sorry.

                Good luck,

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                  That link you refered to is no longer available, so how do I fix the problem?

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                    You do know that the search will circle back to this thread...

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                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Actually a search for the words in the link bring us to the updated link:




                      It is a classic post.

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                        almacleod Level 1

                        I tried reply in hotmail and it threw it back at me.  I originally clicked on the hyperlink and that took me to the first page of the adobe forum...after trying to search within adobe I ended up back at the same spot.  Searching Google with the search terms took me to the informative post you emailed.  Thanks for steering me. I may be dumb, but I'm slow too....My purpose is to take a 720 24p dvc hd mfx file (hvx200) with its native 960 by 720 frame size (ar 1.333)

                        and create a 720 by 480 widescreen DVD.  I'm wading through the avisynth stuff to get virtual dub to give me a resized frame with ac3 audio to feed hcenc and arrive at an mpeg2 that I will then feed to tmpeg dvd author two.  My eyes glaze over looking at the steps involved (I mentioned I'm slow, didn't I?)

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Searchs are enough to try one's soul, or at least their boolean... Google is still of little help, as all it had, last time I checked, were the old, dead links. Maybe the 'bots could work a little overtime?


                          However, Stanely's link worked fine for me and took me right to Neil's article. What browser are you using? Any neat "plug-ins" that could cause problems?


                          Let me know if you cannot get to it, and I'll save it as a PDF and attach it to an e-mail for you. My e-dress is in my profile.


                          Special thanks, as always, to Stanley's efforts at tracking down the "lost library of Alexandria." Talk about advanced boolean and hard work!




                          PS the article is as timely, as ever, and is really a classic - something that we should never loose.