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    Lag updating the properties panel

      I've been using fireworks since version 4 and before adobe bought it, the mac version never lagged like it has since then. I just downloaded the demo of fireworks cs4 and it finally *seems* to be back to where it used to be performance-wise, with one huge and important exception: when selecting any object, the properties panel takes a good 0.5-1 second to refresh almost every single time. This majorly interrupts my workflow, as my cursor reaches the property I want to modify considerably faster than that, and for a quick select object->change color->select other object, that adds around 25% more time while I wait for the panel to display the properties for the current object.

      Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I'm really happy with the new vector editing tools in CS4, but I haven't upgraded in a long time because I really need that UI responsiveness, otherwise I'm wasting time waiting for the program to load.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.