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    Hyperlink Behaviour Overriding CSS Specification

    Roborabbit Level 1
      The hyperlinks of my project don't obey the CSS style specified for "Hyperlink {hovered)" in which text is not italicized. Some remain italicized even when the mouse pointer is position over them. Others don't. There's no apparent rhyme or reason to it.

      I've compared code that behaves as it should to code that doesn't and I don't notice any difference. Has anyone had trouble with this before? My project links as inconsistent as a result, and I can't seem to figure it out.
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          MergeThis Level 4
          Unfortunately, the Styles dialog in RH is useless when dealing with hyperlink styles.

          When you select "Hyperlink (hovered)" in the Styles: pane, you'll probably see "A:HOVER + etc." in the Description pane. Styles in all caps indicate that the GUI can't find a related style in the .css file selected in the Available in: field.

          Your best bet is to create the proper link styles in your .css file, keeping in mind that the different modes must follow the "LoVeHAte" order: Link Visited Hover Active (some can be combined, such as:

          A:link, A:visited {
          x-text-underline: none;
          color: #0000CD;
          letter-spacing: 0.25pt;
          /*begin!kadov{{*/ text-decoration: none; /*}}end!kadov*/

          Good luck,

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            Ben Minson Level 2
            And if you're using RH7, you can leave out the kadov junk.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Jennifer

              I see Harvey hinted at this but wasn't explicit in pointing it out.

              It's quite possible that you have styling declared in the topic itself. This is known as an Embedded style and these will override anything specified in your linked Style Sheet.

              To check this, edit the topic and click the HTML tab. Look near the top of the page code. Do you see *ANYTHING* style related other than something that looks like this?:
              <link rel=StyleSheet href="SomeStleSheet.css">

              You might see something that looks like this:
              <style type="text/css"><!--

              A:visited {
              font-style: italic;
              font-weight: normal;

              If you see code like that in the HTML of the topic, delete everything beginning with <style type="text/css"> and ending with </style>. Then test your topic.

              Cheers... Rick