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      I am writing a testing application with Flex Builder 3. The app displays one question at a time, and as the user submits their response, the next question is automatically loaded. However, due to the nature of the questions, it is difficult sometimes to see when the new question has been loaded.

      I thought it would be nice to add an Alert box as one question is completed and the next question is loaded. Unfortunately, Alert boxes require the user to click to remove it--I'm looking for something that will stay there for about a second and then go away on its own.

      I tried messing around with other things like TitleWindows and PopUpManagers, but these had quirky behavior and did not automatically blur the background like an Alert box does.

      Does anyone have any ideas of how I can accomplish this? Thanks.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Use a Timer object, and for each Timer event, 500 milliseconds apart, toggle the "visible" property of a label "New Question Displayed" true and false.

          You can do this for about 3 seconds, and then end the timer so the label remains hidden.

          This only one of 265,558,965,004 ways to do this.
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Way number 265,558,965,003:
            Use pop-up manager, and be sure to set the modal argument to true. Only modals blur the background. you can use a timer like Greg suggests to automatically remove the pop-up.

            Way number 265,558,965,002:
            Disable the entire Application on submit, enable it on result.