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        THAT solved the problem! Thanks a lot Nono, my portable editing station is now working at 100% on my old Samsung R55

        ps: if this issue only concerns GeForce Go 7 series, can anyone rename the topic to something related to this specific graphic card series ?
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          I have had crashes every time, too. The short version of my Encore CS4 fix odyssey:

          Encore CS4 worked fin for weeks.
          Installed Quicktime.
          Encore crashed. Reinstalls no good.
          Removed QT.
          Encore works fine.

          Adobe folks: It sure looks to me as though the latest Quicktime conflicts with some essential component of Encore CS4.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            There was a major conflict with a previous version(s) of QT. These were with 7.4.x, IIRC.

            I've not heard of issues with QT 7.5.5 (current, I think), but then do not have CS4. Interesting. For awhile, I had to revert to QT 7.3.x to get CS2 suite to function, as well as SmartSound's SonicFire Pro. With QT 7.5.5, all Adobe programs work, as does both SFP 4 & 5.

            Maybe QT 7.5.5 and CS4 do not get along.

            Thanks for the update,

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              I have the Nvidia Geforce Go 7600GT card on my Sony VAIO notebook PC.

              With respect to the NVIDIA NFORCE 15.24 drivers you referenced when I start to install it wants to install RAID drivers and a bunch of other items. I am already running a RAID 0 on my Sony VAIO Laptop and hesitant to load drivers that may mess up my computer. I cancelled the install until I know what potential problems this install will create on my notebook PC (that is already running RAID 0).

              What part of this install will fix the problem with the nvoglnt.dll issues described in this thread and which parts of these drivers did you install to solve the problem with Encore CS4 crashing?

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                I am having a problem when importing my timeline:

                Application popup: Windows - No Disk : Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c

                Everything else works apart from when importing my timeline.

                My Pc is Targa Ultra AN64 3700+ which is enough for it to run and meets the specification requirements.

                Ran all updates and You can't install it till you install XP SP3. Which I did.

                I just want Adobe get to work.
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Which version of Encore are you using?

                  What is the Asset, that you are attempting to Import_As_Timeline?

                  The error message, "No Disk" worries me. You indicate that this is a Windows error message. Is that correct? If so, where is the Asset located on your system?

                  You might also give the full specs of your PC, including RAM, Page File setup (Windows Virtual Memorey) and your I/O (hard disks, controller type and how these are being used, i.e. C:\ 250GB (125GB free) with only OS and program files; D:\ 500GB (350GB free) with media files...

                  This info might help someone spot a problem.

                  Good luck,

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                    I am using Encore CS4 (

                    The asset that I am attempting is Xmas.m2v and Xmas.wav which was encoded by Premeire Pro CS4 of course. I've also tried Importing it from Premeire Pro CS4 to Encore as timeline this also gives me the error. The Project and video files are stored on my D:\ Drive.

                    Did I add I made my own Menu imported from Photoshop CS4 as I had no pre-set that came with my Master Collection. I have followed the guide correctly on the how to of this site with the & and = symbols I don't think this will cause the problem.

                    My Computer full specs can but found here: http://www.targa.co.uk/index.jsp?SID=0&NAV=236&DOC=&PAGE=1091&PCAT=2&PROD=206&PTUBE=10&PA RAMS=undefined&PARAMS2=undefined&SPCAREA=undefined (I have upgraded my RAM to 3GB and OS to XP Pro with SP3)

                    I have 186GB on my C:\ with free space of 140GB the Other 14GB is the recovery section. D:\ 186GB with 166GB free space ( This is where my video and project files are stored rather than the default 'My Documents').

                    My Virtual Memory is set as : C:\

                    Initial Size (MB): 2046
                    Max Size (MB): 4092

                    Total Paging Size for all Drives:
                    Minimum allow: 2MB
                    Recommended: 4606 MB
                    Currently Allocated : 2046 MB

                    Bill or anyone else hope you can help me to solve this problem. I had just formatted my PC back to factory settings a week ago.
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                      Its been implied that the cause of some crashes is due to an NVidia Card and its driver. Is that to say if I switch to a different video card that it will solve the problem?
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                        If someone has tried a different card. Then we would know.

                        But so far I think a lot of people will start to ditch Adobe for a different software.
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                          Can someone please help me?<br /><br />I have a intel core quad extreme 2.66ghz, 4gb ram, vista 32, quadro fx 4600.  I have the most recent up-to-date forceware drivers.  I own Encore CS4 ver. 4.01.048, running from the production premium suite.<br /><br />Whenever I try to transcode a movie i'm getting about 1/4 through the transcode and suffer the dreaded blue screen of death about 90 percent of the time and an error log another 10 percent of the time.  When i look at the error log it says something about a <crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION".  I am the administrator of the computer.  It seems as though all my other programs are working just fine.<br /><br />Can anyone help?
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                            I think the Blue screen of death means you have a hardware error it always is from my experience, do you have a nVadia card?
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                              IM having the same problem with Encore Crashing but its crashing on load i dont even see the little encore loading box and i get a  different crash data its not an ACCESS_VIOLATION like most of you seem to be having<br /><br />its <crash exception="EXCEPTION_UNKNOWN" instruction="0x7717f35f"><br /><br />this is a 2 month old system<br /><br />Q9450 quad core, 8GB DDR2, nVidia GTX 260, Vista X64 SP1. I had it up and running less then a week ago and it took a crap on me now when i need it most. <br /> <br />I uninstalled quick time and reinstalled encore and the same problem is persisting.<br /><br />I need this I gotta get these videos done by Wednesday
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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Please see my response in your other post. There are a lot of issues with nVidia cards right now, and a lot of articles in the Premiere forums. Something there might help you.

                                Good luck,

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                                  THats understandable that there might be problems with the nVidia graphics drivers but how could this problem develop when i havent updated the drivers since november)which was the last driver update from nvidia, but everything else including premier its running perfectly fine
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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                                    Sometimes, a simple Windows Hotfix can "break" other things. I am not saying that this is happening in your case, but with all of the nVidia driver problems right now, it would seem that something is harming them. I do not know what driver is current for your particular card/OS, but did see references to a new nVidia driver, dated 01/08/09.

                                    Good luck,

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                                      I have good news, My project finally worked at last. I managed to import my video as mpg, m2v and wav files as a timeline. I burned my Project to DVD without errors. All i did was went to the nVidia website and downloaded the latest drivers. They are all combine with one install file.
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                                        Like many others here, when I try to open Encore CS4, the software crashes or freezes. Thus far, I haven't been able to get anything to work.

                                        I realize memory may be an issue and/or possibly the video card. My video card is: 256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Series Secondary

                                        Will that card be sufficient to work with Encore? If not, what card would be and where would you get it?

                                        Other specs:
                                        Dell Pentium 4
                                        2 GB of RAM (yes, I realize that needs upgrading)
                                        Windows XP SP3
                                        Encore Version CS4.01.048

                                        One other side issue: When I work with Premiere Pro CS4, video will not display in the monitor box. This makes working with Premiere Pro rather difficult. I didn't have this problem with Premiere Pro CS3.

                                        So, I need to upgrade the RAM, but after that, what are my chances of getting Encore to work? Thanks in advance for any thoughts and ideas on this!

                                        • 57. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                          Hi Mick,

                                          Can you try upgrading your Graphics card driver to the latest version? Let us know if this works for you.
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                                            Hi rlamba,

                                            Thanks for the reply.

                                            I'm not the most savy with drivers, so bare with me. If you mean going into the Control Panel > Display Properties > Adapter > Driver and hit update driver (install the software automatically), then yes, I tried that. The Hardware Update Wizard indicated it could not find a better match for my hardware than the one currently installed.

                                            If there is something else I can try, let me know. Any other thoughts?

                                            Again, thank you in advance for your time and attention on this. I'm happy to help out by giving as much info as I can. Other users may experience the same issues. Plus, it might help your engineers.

                                            • 59. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                              I'm running encore cs4 from production premium and having the same problems stated above - constant crashing as well as no monitor video when trying to view my timelines.

                                              I have dual xeon processors on windows xp with 1 gig ram and Nvidia Quadro Fx 500/600. I downloaded and installed both the drivers (Nforce someone linked above and the hardware's specific driver) and neither helped. Removed the C:\Windows\System32\nvoglnt.dll file and everything works.

                                              Just wondering if anyone found another fix? Will this hurt me when running Avid Xpress pro?
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                                                Quicktime causes Encore CS4 to crash. The only way i have found to operate Encore CS4 is to unistall quicktime, however i need quicktime for other things. Has anyone had this problem? I can't seem to find any solution where i can have quicktime and encore cs4 installed at the same time and functioning.....

                                                Windows XP
                                                Master Collection CS4
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                                                  Level 1

                                                  Like many people in this thread, I was having problems. I checked graphic cards and other updates, none of which seemed to make any difference.

                                                  However, then I focused on RAM. So, what is the status of your RAM? I had 2 GB of RAM, and I recently increased it to 6 GB. However, since I don't have Windows XP 64-bit (I have 32-bit), it can only use/recognize up to 3 GB of RAM. Anyway, when I upgraded to 3 GB of RAM, Encore CS4 didn't crash. I haven't really worked with a project, so I can't say how extensively it will work beyond that. But at least now it doesn't crash as soon as I try to launch the program.

                                                  On a side note, when using Premiere Pro CS4, I was having a problem where the preview monitor window wouldn't play the video (I could hear the sound, but see no video). That problem went away once I upgraded the RAM.

                                                  If you don't know how much RAM you have or can use, try going to www.crucial.com This site can scan your computer and tell you how much RAM you currently have and how many memory slots are available on your computer. This is where I was alerted to the issue with a 32bit vs 64bit version of Windows. I'm annoyed I can't utilize all of my RAM. For now, I'll probably wait until the new version of Windows comes out later this year. Unless, of course, someone knows how to get around this problem.

                                                  Anyway, I think the moral of the story is that you probably need 3 GB of RAM or better. Hope this helps!

                                                  • 62. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                    Updating to the latest NVDIA driver for the 7XXX series graphics
                                                    card seems to fix the problem. They just relased a new driver on March 3, 09.


                                                    GeForce Driver Release 182 WHQL
                                                    Version: 182.08
                                                    Release Date: March 03, 2009
                                                    Operating System: Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition
                                                    Language: U.S. English
                                                    File Size: 77.0 MB

                                                    Good Luck
                                                    • 63. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes

                                                      I am affraid it doesn't solve anything at all. At the best it would crash at bit less often.


                                                      My config is: WinXp Pro, 4Go, GeForce 9500GT (same drivers than 7xxx according to NVidia).

                                                      I tryed unsuccessfully to uninstall Quicktime, ffdshow.

                                                      For sure, there's amemory issue because whenever I try to build to heavy projects (accross multiple crashes) for sure it crash with an incremental creation (button or whatever) and if I play too fast with is (not waiting at least 2 sec between 2 clics, it crashes to.

                                                      Any other idea?

                                                      • 64. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        Total shot in the dark here. There have been some issues reported in the PrPro fora about newer nVidia drivers causing display problems. For some, rolling back to an earlier driver (yeah, not what one usually does), has solved some of their display issues.


                                                        Good luck, and please report on your progress,



                                                        • 65. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                          atara2 Level 1

                                                          Went back up to 177.79. No effect.

                                                          This seems to be a mission for Adobe (Superman not available yet). Media Encode was unstable to (very much the same way) till last update. If something is to be expected on this side, Adobe should let bthe community know. Will eventually recommand a software change, no use for powerfull features if we cannot use them. Need tro investigate Sony softwares.

                                                          • 66. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes

                                                            Like everyone else... I am also having the same problem... HOWEVER... I am on a MacBook Pro.


                                                            I have 4GB Ram and plenty of HD space... and all other Adobe Application work 100%.

                                                            Encore just constantly crashes and is extremely slow when it does open for a few minutes before I do too much it cannot cope with. :/ Very frustrating!!!


                                                            Can anyone help me?

                                                            • 67. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                              SugarloafInteractive Level 1

                                                              Same problem, Encore worked fine, then one day pooof! App loads then crashes whenever I try to load a file or create a new one.


                                                              Will let you know now I go trying to fix this.


                                                              Pull yer socks up Adobe, I forked out good money for this suite and it really shouldnt be this buggy.




                                                              • 68. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                SugarloafInteractive Level 1

                                                                Uninstall Apple Quicktime : Nope

                                                                Delete nvoglnt.dll: Nope

                                                                Re-install Encore: Nope

                                                                Re-install Master Collection: Nope (freekin hours wasted)

                                                                Update Graphics Drivers: Nope

                                                                Chainsaw keyboard into two shouting anti Adobe profanities: Nope

                                                                Collapse in a heap and cry: Nope

                                                                Pray to the almighty: Nope


                                                                Only option is to buy a new computer, or different software


                                                                Why oh why!  Encore was working perfectly a few days ago.




                                                                • 69. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                  When something works one day, but not the next, then something has changed.


                                                                  It could be an OS update that renders one's video or audio drivers instantly obsolete, or messes up something like QuickTime. It could be new hardware, software, or some change in settings.


                                                                  If you are on a PC and have a good Restore Point from the time that you were able to run Encore, I'd first set a new Restore Point, and then do a roll-back to the one that was in force, when it last ran. I do this from Safe Mode.


                                                                  If this does not help, then troubleshooting will be tougher. I would go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and check Show Windows Programs, or similar syntax. Check the dates carefully. Anything there, that might have been bypassed with the System Restore? Probably not.


                                                                  I'd invoke a crash, and then immediately go to Event Viewer. Look in both the Application and the System tabs. For each yellow warning marker, and each red warning marker, open them. Some will be useless code. Some might have clues. Some will likely have links. Follow each link and see what they say. Most will be to a page on an MS site, but some might go to software, or hardware sites. Some might also have that useless code.


                                                                  Here's a look at Event Viewer in action:


                                                                  Event Viewer 01.jpg


                                                                  Unfortunately, if you are on a Mac, I can't even begin to make suggestions. Maybe the Mac has something like Event Viewer.


                                                                  Good luck,



                                                                  • 70. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes

                                                                    I have read through this entire forum and find no solution presented that works.  I installed Encore CS4 as part of the Master Collection.


                                                                    I have spent at least 8-10 hours trying to get the Video applications to work - specifically Encore.  I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the Collection, tried reinstalling just Encore, and tried different sequences of loading then using Adobe patches instead of the update options from the Collection.


                                                                    Based on the forum, I tried uninstalling Quicktime, updating drivers, using different launch options and other methods of fix.


                                                                    I have uninstalled all Adobe products, most all multimedia products that would have CODEC conflicts and cleaned my Windows registry.


                                                                    I even tried to report the issue to ADobe Tech support but their reporting page is non-funcitonal as well.


                                                                    Has anyone tried contacting Adobe direct for a solution to this?


                                                                    I find it hard to believe that I am the only one with this type of issue and that no one in this forum has found a fix yet to this problem.


                                                                    I have other licenses of the Master Collection installed on a laptop with a slower processor and less RAM and it works fine.  Both machines have the same OS and similar software installed.


                                                                    What gives?  Any other suggestions?

                                                                    • 71. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                      What happens when you launch Encore on the problem machine? Do you get any error messages?


                                                                      If you get a crash, invoke it and immediately go to Windows' Event Viewer. See this LINK (also posted above). Follow along and let us know what you find.


                                                                      Good luck,



                                                                      • 72. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                        reedergc Level 1



                                                                        After the reinstall I now receive only locking when trying to start the

                                                                        first project in Encore. The announcement block loads and states "preparing

                                                                        to transcode" (I recall - not sure right now as I'm on travel and away from

                                                                        the machine). The status bar reaches 50 percent then stops. In seemingly

                                                                        related issues, I cannot launch Premiere. I receive the splash screen then

                                                                        the remainder of the window expands to a full white screen and freezes. I

                                                                        can only escape using the Task Manager.


                                                                        Thanks so much for your assistance trying work out the gremlins on this.


                                                                        Take care,

                                                                        Greg Reeder

                                                                        • 73. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                          Maybe something in this ARTICLE will be of use.


                                                                          With a BSOD and reboot, especially during Burn, Transcode or Export, I usually first think of:


                                                                          1.) Overheating

                                                                          2.) Power supply issues

                                                                          3.) RAM issues

                                                                          4.) MoBo issues


                                                                          Good luck,



                                                                          • 74. My Solution
                                                                            SugarloafInteractive Level 1

                                                                            Ok, I have everything working perfectly now, but you're not going to like the solution:


                                                                            Backup work files.

                                                                            Format hard drive

                                                                            Re-install XP from scratch

                                                                            Download and install all updates

                                                                            Uninstall crap not needed

                                                                            Flash BIOS with update

                                                                            Take out Netgear 311 wireless card and throw it in the lake after discovering that it's been the source of random freezing for the past two years.

                                                                            Install D-Link wireless card

                                                                            Update all hardware drivers


                                                                            System is now "clean"

                                                                            Install CS4 Master Collection from scratch

                                                                            Download and install all updates

                                                                            Restart, defrag, restart

                                                                            Fingers crossed

                                                                            Run PPro and Encore

                                                                            Working perfectly!


                                                                            No problems at all.


                                                                            I discovered that the Wireless card was causing all kinds of weird things to happed, but I could not test with CS4 as it was not installed as yet and I wanted that POS out asap, I dont think it would have been the cause of my Encore issues tho, more likely a conflict with old CS2 setting or codec conflicts, I'm afraid I have really no idea of the exact cause, I just know that everything is working sweet now.

                                                                            • 75. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes

                                                                              It is hard to believe what a piece of crap Encore cs4 is.  I cant get any work done.  You think after 15 years of DVE you can actually work on a project and not worry about getting your computer to work.  It's a joke.  I rush through projects hoping Encore won't crash.  I just bought Socic DVDit HD  after wasting money and a month on Encore.  Hard to believe.  What a waste just learning the software, not that it was tough.  I even have several fresh brand new computers and Encore never works reliably.



                                                                              • 76. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                                Jeff Bellune Level 6



                                                                                Is there a question in there somewhere, or did you just want to rant?



                                                                                • 78. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                                  Kotinsky Level 1

                                                                                  after many wasted hours and money

                                                                                  • 79. Re: Encore CS4 constantly crashes
                                                                                    Jeff Bellune Level 6

                                                                                    Are you finished?


                                                                                    If not, please go to the DVD Lounge and start your own I-still-need-to-vent thread.