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    Not a Valid Win32 Application

      Hello all, its been a while before I had to use the forum but I'm back. I have a Intel Core 2 PC with 1.86 GHZ, and 1.98 Gigs of RAM. I'm running Windows CP with Service Pack 2. I just recently purchased an older version of Encore 1.0 from Ebay, to which he is to transfer over the registration.

      When I tried to install the software, the computer recognized the disc in the drive, but the "autoplay" feature wouldn't work. I double clicked, and an error message appeared saying that the software is not a valid Win32 application. I tried to drag the software to the desktop, to see if it would download from there and still nothing. I thought for sure I was running the right specs for it. I downloaded newer trial versions before, and they worked fine. Any suggestions?